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50 Best ideas for decorating Christmas cookies

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Let’s get started decorating Christmas cookies and give the gift of handmade edible food to family and friends to enjoy this Holiday season.

Christmas cookie decoration is a lovely holiday tradition that fascinates children and adults. Whether you are an experienced baker or a beginner, you can turn plain cookies into delicious works of art. Christmas stars, Santa Claus-shaped cookies, spritz cookies, and cut-out sugar cookies are a few inventive cookie ideas. Some people even arrange biscuits to resemble ugly Christmas outfits and make Christmas Charcuterie Boards. These baked goods are ideal for Christmas cookie exchanges and charming food Christmas gifts along with Homemade Christmas Cards. To transform your kitchen into a festive workshop this article discusses the 50 best ideas for decorating Christmas cookies.

What is the best icing for decorating Christmas cookies?

The best icing for Christmas cookie decoration is royal icing. Royal icing is simple to color and create into elaborate designs; you need powder sugar, meringue powder, and water. Take a large bowl and mix powdered sugar and meringue powder, then stir in water to form royal icing. To reach the correct consistency, add the desired amount of water.

If you want to use different colors, split the icing into separate basins and dye it with food coloring. For decorating, transfer the royal icing to squeeze bottles or piping bags. To decorate, use a thicker icing to outline the cookies, then flood the defined areas with a little thinner frosting. Let the cookies completely dry before adding further layers or toppings. You may add decorations like sprinkles or edible glitter to cookies with royal icing, which is also perfect for stacking and packing.

Which is better for decorating Christmas cookies royal or buttercream icing?

When it comes to Christmas cookie decoration, both royal icing and buttercream icing are the most popular choices. The better option depends on your desired design and personal choice.

Royal icing is perfect for wrapping and layering without spreading because of its polished and smooth texture, which is best for intricate designs and patterns. But it takes time and may not be enjoyable for some people. Buttercream cookies have a smooth, creamy texture and are quick to dry, so you do not have to wait before adding another layer. They are not best, but appropriate for elaborate designs and patterns, and when piled or packed, they may shatter or smear. There are both advantages and disadvantages to these techniques. Royal icing requires more time and may not work for all designs.

How to make frosting for decorating Christmas cookies?

To make frosting for Christmas cookie decor, the ingredients you need are:

  • 1 cup salted butter
  • purpose flour
  • 4 cups powdered sugar
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla extract
  • 2 to 4 tablespoons milk or cream
  • Food color (optional)


First, let the butter soften at room temperature. Beat the butter with stand mixer until creamy. Add vanilla extract and powdered sugar and beat well with a hand mixer after each addition. Add powdered sugar, heavy cream, or milk for the desired consistency. Spoon the frosting into a separate bowl and mix the color of your choice, if necessary.

Decorate your cookies with the icing, using a spatula or piping bag for more elaborate designs or a softer texture. Before layering or wrapping, let the frosting dry. This recipe is so flexible that you may play around with different tastes and consistency levels.

How to decorate Christmas cookies with store-bought frosting?

The ingredients needed to decorate Christmas cookies with store-bought frosting are:



  • First, add food color to the frosting until you have achieved the desired color.
  • After that, place 1/4 of the frosting into a piping bag equipped with a #5 piping tip.
  • Then, Outline the cookies so you can fill the cookie interior with fluid and smooth it out.
  • Later, Remove the leftover foil from the frosting container’s edge. After that, microwave the leftover frosting for 20-second intervals.
  • Stir well between each heating step. Be careful with all the icing remove the bottom well of the container.
  • When the frosting reaches the consistency of warm honey (not so runny as water), fill the outline of the cookies with the boiling frosting using a spoon.
  • Press the biscuit to smooth the icing surface on a baking sheet. Use a toothpick to drag icing to the outline’s edges or tiny holes if necessary.
  • Use the frosting as soon as it’s dry to decorate. Leave the frosting and allow it to harden.
  • When the icing reaches the consistency of room temperature again, you may pipe more details on the cookie!

How to make colored icing using Wilton color gel?

To make colored icing using Wilton color gel, you need these ingredients and tools:


Icing Colors and the Color Right Performance Color System are two gel-based food coloring choices suggested for coloring icing because of their consistency and concentration. These gel food coloring are perfect for brilliant or rich colors and delicate mixtures such as meringues or macarons. You may also use Icing Colors to color the cake batter. But white cake works best since the egg yolks give the cake a golden tinge.

When using Wilton color gel, use a clean toothpick to prevent contamination by dipping it into the color and swiping it across the frosting. Allow colors to settle for many hours or overnight when tinting buttercream frosting. Use a butter knife tip instead of toothpicks for brilliant or deep color.

If, you want better color and flavor with dark hues like black, brown, or brown-based reds, start with chocolate buttercream icing. Use Ready-to-Use Red to avoid using too much red color. For small amounts of bright or dark icing, use icing Pouches or Icing Tubes.

What tools to use for decorating Christmas cookies?

Tools you need for Christmas cookie decoration are:

What number tip do I use for decorating Christmas cookies?

There are many different tips for decorating cookies. Use each tip according to the desired design. Here are tips and their use.

Round Tip (such as the #3 or #5 Wilton): To Make borders, add embellishments, and outline shapes using this.

Star Tip (e.g., Wilton #16): Perfect for textural designs, swirls, and rosettes.

Closed Star Tip (Wilton #30, #32): Like the star tip, except it produces more defined, closed star forms.

Open Star Advice (Wilton #1M or #8B): Great for swirls and rosettes, it produces bigger and more open star forms.

Writing Tip (e.g., Wilton #2 or #4): Use it to write messages or add precise details.

Leaf Tip (e.g., Wilton #67, #352): Perfect for adding leaves and greenery to your cookie creations.

Tip for Basketweave (e.g., Wilton #47, #48): Produces a basket weave pattern perfect for some designs with a Christmas theme.

Multi-opening tips (Wilton #234 or #233): It is ideal for generating textured surfaces like fur or grass and sometimes refers to a grass tip.

How to throw a Christmas cookie decorating party and what games to play?

  • Invitations: Send out joyous invites; include the place, date, and hour.
  • Cookie Station: Arrange an icing color station, toppings, and cookie shapes at your decorating station.
  • Apron Decorating: Give visitors basic aprons to paint or embellish with fabric markers.
  • Cookie Contest: Organize a lighthearted cookie decorating competition with prizes for Most Creative and Best Use of Color.
  • Hot Cocoa Bar: Make a warm and inviting hot chocolate station with flavoring syrups, whipped cream, and marshmallows.
  • Cookie Swap: To create an engaging cookie exchange, ask visitors to bring a batch of their best cookies.
  • Christmas Movie Trivia: Start a trivia contest about Christmas movies and give out little prizes to the victors.
  • Ornament Decorating: Let visitors create and take-home simple decorations and art supplies.
  • Photo Booth: Prepare a photo booth with a Christmas theme and props for unforgettable shots.
  • Gift Wrapping Relay: For a fun and festive competition, organize a present wrapping relay race.
  • Secret Santa Cookie Exchange: To create a surprise factor, assign names to participants in a Secret Santa cookie exchange.
  • Holiday Music Charades: Use well-known Christmas tunes to play a holiday-themed game of charades.

How to decorate Christmas cookies using free clipart?

To decorate Christmas cookies using free clip art, all you can do is get free Christmas-themed clip art online, print it, cut it out, glue it to the icing, add decorations, and allow it to dry before packing or serving. Apply frosting as glue and embellish with extras to create a customized cookie design.

How to decorate Christmas cookies with edible paper?

To decorate Christmas cookies with edible paper, select various colored sheets, cut shapes using cookie cutters or scissors, apply edible glue or water to the surface, arrange the printed material on top, add details with edible glitter, and allow the cookies to set before serving or packing. Your Christmas delicacies get a festive touch due to imaginative and joyful additions.

How to decorate Christmas cookies with cookie stamps?

Decorating Guide for Christmas Cookies:

  • Collect cookies, clear piping gel, edible ink markers, and edible paper sheets.
  • You may use fancy punches or scissors to cut the necessary shapes.
  • Cover the cookie surface with clear piping gel.
  • Lay the edible paper pieces on top of the gel.
  • Add elaborate decorations or unique writing with edible ink markers.
  • Let cookies set to package or serve.

Best candy for decorating Christmas cookies

  • White Chocolate Christmas puppy chow
  • Eggnog
  • Peppermint bark Fudge
  • Shortbread cookie bites
  • Cinnamon pretzels
  • Frosted sugar cookie fudge
  • Caramel chocolate Pretzel Rods
  • Crock-pot Fudge
  • Peppermint Oreo truffle
  • Crack pretzels with Crispy Caramel and Pecans
  • Peppermint Marshmallow
  • Pomegranate almond chocolate Bark
  • Chocolate-covered peanut butter balls
  • cake batter truffles
  • Christmas popcorn
  • Crockpot candy
  • Pralines
  • Christmas fudge
  • Mixed Nut Brittle
  • Butterscotch Fudge
  • Toffee Candy
  • Salted Caramel Fudge
  • Potato Candy
  • Pecan logs
  • Pecan Bourbon Balls
  • Cracker toffee
  • Christmas Butter mints
  • Pecan Tassies
  • Buttermilk-Pecan Pralines
  • Coconut Balls
  • Muddy Buddy Mix
  • Red Velvet Fudge
  • Fudgy Pecan Bourbon Balls
  • Crunchy Pecan Pie Bites
  • Mamie Eisenhower’s Chocolate Fudge
  • Mrs. Floyd’s Divinity
  • Stained Glass Candy
  • Almond Snowballs
  • Chocolate-covered Marshmallow Reindeer Pops
  • Mint Meringue Christmas Trees

Tips on decorating Christmas cookies

Follow these steps to decorate sugar cookies:

  1. Outlining: Outline the borders of the biscuit with royal icing, ensuring it keeps its shape but is not too thick. Allow the icing to pour into every corner of the cookie as you pipe it around it. Let go of the pressure and allow the ends to overlap.
  2. Flooding: Make a smooth, continuous top on the biscuit by mixing the royal icing with water. Pipe horizontal lines across the cookie using a piping bag fitted with a tiny round tip, alternating between dragging from top to bottom.
  3. Marbling: Pipe horizontal lines over the biscuit while the frosting is still wet and working. Drag the lines from top to bottom with a toothpick. To make the pattern look cleaner, wipe the tip between each line.
  4. Detailing: For appealing design, add simple features like polka dots or squiggle frosting on top. For striking dots, use more frosting and for flat dots, less icing.

Thus, you can design sugar cookies with lovely and eye-catching designs.


Ideas for decorating Christmas cookies

If you want to level up your holiday season, try your hand at Christmas cookies. You can have cookie gift boxes with personally made cookies according to your taste and choice, or you can even buy Christmas cookies for decoration to make your loved ones feel special. You can make various types of Christmas cookies by using cookie stampsstencilsedible blank cookiesChristmas cookie box decoration kit, and chocolates for decoration. There are many ideas with sugar cookie recipe listed below which you can use.

Gingerbread Men with Personality

You can make gingerbread men with different facial appearances, outfits, and accessories with icing.


Gingerbread Cookies



Ugly Sweater Cookies

Make ugly sweater cookies with icing colors and small candies.


Gingerbread Christmas Tree

Cut the cookies in different sizes to create Christmas tree and decorate it with mushroom shapes cookies.


Santa Hat Cookies


Candy Cane Christmas cookies

Make these delicious candy cane cookies with butter, powdered sugar, 1 large egg, Vanilla extract, salt, red food color.


Melted Snowman cookies

Make these easy and adorable cookies with cream, marshmallow, biscuit and bunties.


Stained glass Cookies


Peppermint Swirl Cookies


Winter Wonderland Cookies


Matcha Wreath Cookies


Christmas cookies decoration with royal icing

There are many royal icing cookie decor ideas for Christmas. These are the best ideas to give your cookies fine detail and can be a festive and artistic activity, so grab your rolling pin and make a sugar cookie dough and hold your piping to decorate your biscuits with these beautiful ideas.

Snow Globe Cookies


Snow Globe Cooking


Christmas ornament cookies


Poinsettia Flower Cookies


Gingerbread House


Christmas Tree cookies


Snowflake cookies


Floral cookies


Cutout Chocolate Sugar Cookies


Bauble cookies


Gift Box Cookies


Marble Heart Cookies


Winter themed cookies gift box


Decorating Christmas cookies with buttercream frosting

Buttercream frosting is a tasty and fun way to decorate your Christmas cookies and give them a festive look. You can decorate in many different ways.

Gingerbread Reindeer Cookies


Frosted Sugar Cookies


Santa Silhouette Stencil


Pepperidge Farm cookies


Hot Cocoa Sugar Cookies


Santa Claus Faces cookies


Decorating Christmas cookies with kids

It’s always a win-win situation when kids decorate Christmas cookies, especially when your kids are free. Most of the kids love baking. Involve your kids in these types of fun and creative activities. They will enjoy doing it, and it will bring smiles to their faces.

Cake Mix Cookies


Kourabiedes Greek Butter Cookies


Grinch Snowball Cookies


Peppermint gluten free Thumbprint cookies


Grinch cookies


Cake mix chocolate crinkle cookie

Chocolate Crinkles. Chocolate cookies in powdered sugar.

Oreo dipped Christmas cookies


Coconut Ball Christmas cookies


Easy decorating Christmas cookies

This Christmas make these sprinkle, pecan, pinwheel white chocolate and chocolate cookies. These are very simple and delicious.

Reese peanut butter cup Cookies


Brown butter pecan cookie


Brown Butter Mini M&M cookies


Black forest Cookies


Mickey and Minnie thumbprint cookies


Pinwheel cookies


White Chocolate Peppermint cookies


Sprinkle cookies


Sprinkle Thumbprint cookies


Lemon icing and pistachios Cookies


Gooey Hot chocolate cookie


Nutella Thumbprint covered cookies


Decorating Christmas cookies with fondant

Fondant has a smooth and sleek surface that allows for elaborate patterns and delicious flavor. It is both a creative and appealing activity. Turn simple sugar cookies into edible art that captures the spirit of the holidays thanks to the sophisticated and smooth fondant coating. To transform cookies into festive masterpieces, gather your supplies, let your creativity go insane, and enjoy the sweet experience!

Vanilla Sugar cookies with fondant


Christmas mini cookie bags from Etsy.


Fondant Butter Cookies


Merry Christmas Fondant Embosser Stamp from Etsy.


Fondant Snowman cookie


Ornament fondant cookie


Winter fondant cookies


Christmas tree fondant cookie


With these 50 ideas for decorating Christmas cookies, you can enjoy your Christmas and holiday season. So, gather your ingredients and tools for decorating royal icing, buttercream frosting, and fondant cookies. These incredible cookie decor ideas will add extra sweetness to your Christmas. You can make your family and loved ones happy with delicious cookies.

Written by: Alveena Nazir

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