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How to make nylon flower dahlia from scratch

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How to make nylon flower dahlia from scratch?

Today I am going to share a tutorial to make dahlia. You can make all kinds of flowers using nylon stocking net.

For making bigger flowers, use bigger petals. For dahlia, you will need a lot of petals.

Since, for making any flower you have to analyze it.


 I wish I had a better picture of this beautiful flower.

But things change so much with time. And today I don’t have that flower, to re-shoot.

Nylon flower dahlia material

DAHLIA is widely cultivated in variously colored flower heads.
It is native to Mexico and Central America. Usually, it’s flower is pale violet or amethyst in color.
To make this flower with nylon things you need are as follows:
  • Ring sizes 7, 6, 5 and 4 (simply means the diameter, of any round thing you use).
  • Pink and rose-purple stocking net
  • Floral tape
  • Nylon thread
  • Stem wire
  • Wire
  • Plier
  • Yellow stamens small


For complete nylon material information see NYLON MATERIAL.
  • Make 6 petals ring size (4), 6 petals ring size (5), 11 petals ring size (6) and 11 petals ring size (7). 
  • Follow the instructions for making petals and assembling the flower in the post Basic Nylon Flower..


  • Wind the thread around the size (6) ring. And thread it in the middle. (as shown below).
  • Now make a hook at one end of the wire. Hook in the thread and twist the wire.
  • Then twist the wire around the wire stem firmly.
  • Thread 8 double-sided yellow stamens to the stem wire.
  • You can also just thread the yellow stamens, to make the bud.

nylon_lotus_stamen_tutorial_stocking_net_craft nylon_lotus_flower_tutorial_stocking_net_craft

  • Thread the smallest petals size (4). Followed by the petals size (5). Then the petals size (6). And finally the petals size (7).
  • This order completes the dahlia flower.
  • Hide the wires with floral tape. Wind the floral tape tightly around.

stocking_net_nylon_lotus_flower_tutorial_craft pantyhose_pink_nylon_lotus_stocking_net_flower_craft

  • Now fold the petals over the stamens to hide them.
  • As dahlia is a closed flower with many petals. It’s bud is not visible.
And that’s all. Your flower is ready!

Stocking flowers or Nylon flowers

 For more beautiful flowers made using Stocking. Check out the link below:



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