How to get organized? (Best Home Tips)

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How to get organized? Today I am sharing 15 tips on organizing your home, kids and more. It is true that we learn something new from each other every day. I am thankful for these home cleaning ideas and tips from the link party this week. I wanted to share them with you! In one way or another these tips and tricks can help you organize! Moreover, you will also find do it yourself tips and tricks on beauty and blog. And reading and cleaning tips for kids as well.

get organized

Here they are:

How to get organized?

Do It Yourself Tips and Tricks

substitute cooking ingredients

A chart with commonly used cooking ingredients and their substitutes. Very helpful!

How to substitute common cooking ingredients.

dr seuss reading activities

Maintaining a system of reading Dr Seuss books and doing activities that go along with each book. A great way to teach your kids.

reading strategies for kids

5 Great Reading Strategies to help young readers.

Reading Tips for kids

cleaning with kids

3 Simple ways to get your kids to clean up without a fight.

Have bins and containers to make the mess manageable. Make it fun to clean up, turn it into a race. Use reward and repossess system to make them understand.

A must read cleaning with kids.

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Color Wheel

Teaching colors to kids with a simple circle of colors and clothespins.

Teaching kids colors

get organized

Give an old cabinet new life with chalkboard paint.

I love chalkboard paint, it gives a new meaning to old things.

Creative and Functional Chalkboard Cabinet.

Chalkboard paint ideas

Looking for ideas to use Chalkboard paint to craft and revamp DIY projects?

Over 30 Chalkboard paint projects 

get organized kitchen

recycle tin cans

Recycle oatmeal containers and tin cans. Decorate them with beautiful paper and embellishments.

Great storage solution for cupcake liners and stationery supplies.

Recycle storage solution ideas.

Recycle Tin Cans

Read how you can recycle tin cans in three different ways?

3 ways to recycle tin cans

spice storage solution

Use office organizer baskets in your kitchen cabinets to get organized. Helps extend your cupboard storage. Kitchen cabinet baskets

Spice Storage Solution

You will also like 25 Best ways to get organized with spices.

25 Storage solution ideas

no more burnt cookies

Do you love to bake cookies?

You will love the Silicone Cookie Sheet Liners, Elizabeth shares with us.

A reusable alternative to parchment paper.

No more burnt cookies

oriental rug cleaning

Vacuuming tips for cleaning oriental rugs.

Vacuuming tips

dirty retainers

Tips to clean dirty retainers.

How to clean retainers?

uses for fireplace ashes

10 Great Uses for Fireplace Ashes.

How to use fireplace ashes?

DIY reuse sweaters

Utilize shrunken sweaters to make arm warmers.

Never waste shrunken sweaters.

necklace length extenders

Extend the length of a necklace with a paperclip.

Necklace length extenders

DIY Jewelry Organizing Ideas

Over 15 DIY jewelry ideas

blogging pearls of wisdom

5 Pearls of wisdom by different bloggers.

Blogging tips

Useful blog tips

Looking for more useful blog tips on blog domain, photo editing and copyright?

Go here 

5 Beauty tips for students.

Work on your skin, take shower daily, use quality cosmetics, don’t ignore the faults and most importantly stay calm.

Read all about it here with Free beauty check list for a year.

I hope you found these great ideas to get organized useful!

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Easy and cute hairstyles

DIY Apothecary Jars

Dollar store organizer

Looking for more great DIY ideas to organize?

Check out tutorials in the category ORGANIZE.

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