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25 Best Fall Photo Ideas for Family and Kids

Autumn/ Fall is a beautiful season for outdoor photography. I have gathered best Fall photo ideas for family and kids. These creative ideas will help you select a destination (or location) of your choice. And capture those wonderful Fall moments with your Family and kids. Autumn/ Fall photo ideas are not limited to leaves and trees only. But there’s a lot you can do to take unique photos. Like going to a pumpkin patch, field, barn, riverside or even a bridge. Even using Fall photo props to make the pictures stand out. Plan ahead about what to wear and how to pose? Or just be natural with kids playing in a park. Lots of ideas!


Let’s check them out:


Fall Photo Ideas


Fall photo ideas for family and kids at craftionary.net


Autumn Photography


Fall Photo ideas for family and kids.


autumn playful kids photo idea


Playful kids Fall photo.

Dimery Photography


beautiful Fall photo


Family Fall photo with beautiful Autumn background.

Rebekah Westover Photography


dim lights Fall colors

Dim lightning

Dim the colors to focus on the main elements of the photo. Love this Family’s Joyful Fall photo idea.

LA’s Photography


pumpkin patch photo idea

Pumpkin Patch

A cute pumpkin trail photo idea. This would be great to capture with kids also. Easy idea that can be captured in your backyard as well.

Tracy Autem


Yearly Fall Kids Photo

Yearly Photo

Mark kids development every year with this fun pumpkin numbers photo.


Fall leaf photo prop kids photo

Fall Photo Prop

Photo idea using Fall leaves as photo props.


Fall family photo

Road Photo

Family Fall photo on the road.

Giovanna Lou (blog does not exist anymore)


Falling leaves Fall photo

Falling Leaves

Natural child’s photo in falling leaves.

unknown source


Fall leaf photo


Close-up photo using big Fall leaf.

unknown source


Fall leaves yearly photo

Yearly kid photo with numbers made by gathering fall leaves.


Autumn photo/ Fall photo idea

Through the leaves

I love how this peekaboo Fall photo looks!

Melanie Weyer Photography


boat fall photo idea


Fall photo idea on the boat

Boat Photo

The colors of Autumn reflecting on the water create a beautiful scene.

Two bright lights photography


Fall shadow photo

Shadow photo

Beautiful sunset captured through this shadow Fall photo.

unknown source


Family photo using frame

Frame Photo Prop

Using a frame as prop for Family photo.

Bons photography


fall fields photo idea for kids

Field Photo

Kids Fall photo in the fields.

Melanie Weyer Photography


Playful boys Fall photo

Be natural

Playful Fall moments in a park.

Vicki Knights


Kids fall photo with ladder used as prop

Bridge photo

Kids Fall photo on a bridge using ladder as a photo prop.

Photography by Bon


Barn fall photo idea

Barn photo

Family Fall photo near a barn.

Bons photography


Photo idea Fall/ Autumn

Use of furniture in photos

Using furniture outdoors as Fall photo prop. A useful way to add charm and glamour to Autumn photos.

Tracy Autem


Pumpkin patch kids photo

Little pumpkin

Cute pumpkin patch kids photo.

Pinkle toes photography


River side Fall photo

Riverside photo

Fall photo on the riverside.


under a tree photo idea

Fall photo

Fall photo under the tree.

Hickok photography


Fall grouping family photo

Family Grouping

Fall photo idea for a big family at a colorful location.

Rebekah westover photography


Harvest pumpkin photo idea for kids

Harvest Photo

Festive kids photo with pumpkins and face painting.

Pinkle toes photography


Autumn/ Fall photo ideas for family and kids at craftionary.net



These are the best Fall photo ideas to capture your Autumn charm. I hope these ideas helped you prepare for your family Fall photo session.


Remember great pictures come with being yourself first!


Then make sure your homework is done.

~ A perfect photo destination (or location), use of photo props, planned and color coded clothes (what to wear), pose ideas and happiness.


~: Like always unknown sources will be updated if you know the right sources, leave a comment. :~


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25 Best Fall Photo Ideas for Family and Kids

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