22 DIY Minions recycle projects for creative kids

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First there was despicable me, and now our favorite character from the movie has come back with a big bang. Minions are not only loved by kids but also adults. I am sharing some easy DIY minions recycle projects. These minions crafts are fun to make with creative kids.

DIY Minions

DIY Minions recycle projects

Minions recycle projects

cardboard tube minions

Cardboard tube minions made by covering tubes with blue and yellow paper and markers for details.

paper minions bookmark

Cute minions bookmark

DIY minions puppets

Easy minions stick puppets created with popsicle sticks and cereal boxes.

Minion clothespins

Painted clothespin minions with googly eyes.

minion hat

DIY Minions hat

minions puppets

Minion puppets made with felt.

minions tin can

Tin can minions organizer.

DIY tire minion

Painted tire minion for the backyard.

paper minion

Make your own minion with color paper and glue stick.

minion bowling pins

Minion bowling pins from plastic bottles and cutout printable minion eyes.

minions mason jar

Painted minion mason jar for saving money.

minions from kindersurprise egg

Cute minions weebles created from kinder egg capsules.

minion planter

Minions planter from recycled old bottles.

minion sand buckets

Minion sand buckets.

minions baby food jars

Easy minions recycled from baby food jars into favor containers.

DIY minions wall art

Minions wall art made from felt and foil tray.

plastic egg minions

Plastic egg minions.

yogurt container minions

Recycled minions from yogurt containers.

paint chip minions

Paint chip minions.

paper plate minions

Paper plate minions.

Popsicle sticks minions

Popsicle stick minions.

We are loving these DIY minions crafts. And are going to make a few of them this summer.

What about you? Which one or two are your favorite to make!

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