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DIY Galaxy Projects inspired by Nebula, Space and Universe

DIY Galaxy projects inspired by nebula, outer space, universe and constellations include ideas to make crafts for kids and adults. DIY Galaxy projects are inspired by constellations, nebula, outer space and universe to bring to you ideas for kids fun and home decoration.


Great for Star Wars fans. Create all sorts of crafts using Galaxy as the central theme. Like galaxy prints, slime for kids, necklaces, nebula art, wall art, jars, glowing nebula mason jars, upcycle clothes and accessories with painted galaxy and nebula prints (also known as fabric painting) and so much more.


DIY galaxy projects inspired by nebula, space and universe



Galaxy projects include tutorials to use dollar store craft supplies like glitter, acrylic paint, fabric paint, glue and are relatively cheap given the attractive-look. These ideas can also spark innovations for DIY galaxy projects like:

  • nebula
  • outer space
  • universe
  • solar system
  • planets
  • milky way
  • black holes
  • space rocks
  • comets
  • asteroids
  • meteoroids




DIY Galaxy Projects and Ideas

In this post you will find the following Galaxy inspired ideas:

  • Galaxy dream catcher
  • Painted galaxy umbrella
  • DIY galaxy nail art
  • Galaxy art pumpkin diy
  • DIY galaxy shoes
  • Nebula necklace
  • How to make galaxy print?
  • DIY Galaxy lanterns
  • Homemade galaxy soap
  • Glow in the dark galaxy jars
  • Element jar necklace
  • DIY nebula jar
  • How to spray paint galaxy?
  • Galaxy dough
  • Reflective galaxy on paper
  • DIY nebula jewelry
  • Printed galaxy envelopes
  • Make galaxy
  • DIY galaxy dress
  • Galaxy cuff
  • Kids sensory activities galaxy oobleck
  • DIY galaxy lights
  • Galaxy slime borax free
  • DIY galaxy bath bombs
  • Make galaxy Easter eggs
  • DIY galaxy tshirt
  • Galaxy twist dye galaxy shirt
  • DIY galaxy wall art


Interstellar Nebula in a cosmic galaxy native woven dreamcatcher via Etsy.




Paint your own galaxy umbrella and turn an ordinary umbrella around with space fun.


DIY galaxy nails with space inspired nail art.


Space shoes insired by DIY galaxy projects.



Make DIY Galaxy Crafts

Turn mini jars into Nebula necklaces. Idea inspired by Etsy.


DIY Galaxy Pumpkin with some paint brushes and splatters to get the space look.


Learn how to make galaxy print with this painting video tutorial.


Use space themed universe inspired Galaxy light paper via Etsy to make galaxy lanterns.


Homemade galaxy soap bar is not a DIY project. Beautiful glycerin soap is sold online at Etsy.


Use glow in the dark fabric paint and paint brush to turn glass jars into Glow in the dark Galaxy Jars.


Make these cute element jar necklaces with necklace jars, cotton balls and acrylic paints. Soak each cotton ball in the color of your choice and fit it into the jar till desired combination is achieved. Seal it with cork lid and your necklace is ready.



Create Nebula jar galaxy by combining cotton buds, acrylic paints, glitter and water in a mason jar. Have fun experimenting and creating various patterns.



DIY Galaxy Art

Paint a galaxy in 30 minutes with this awesome cardboard box trick.



Galaxy inspired science projects for kids

Make Galaxy dough for sensory activities using flour, salt, water, baby oil, cream of tartar, food coloring, glycerin and glitter.



Kids will enjoy rainbow paper color science experiment. Use the water and nail polish technique on black construction paper or black card stock. In a bowl of water sprinkle some nail polish and dip and dry paper on towel to make various color reflections.



DIY Nebula prints on wood are easy to create. Decoupage painted paper on wood and coat it with resin. Find more stunning resin projects that look expensive.


Print galaxy on white paper using colored printer and make envelopes.



DIY galaxy clutch using paints and foam brush. Coat it with mod podge to seal your work.


DIY Galaxy cuffs are fun to make with kids especially star wars or other space character fans!



Super cool galaxy dress using tie and dye technique.


DIY Galaxy Oobleck to develop kid’s sensory skills. You will need cornflour, water and food colors for this science experiment. Find more creative ways to make abstract art projects with kids. I bet this collection has at least one idea that is new to you.


Turn simple black candle light votives into shining galaxy with some paint and glitter.


Make night sky slime

Night sky galaxy slime for kids. I love the colors shining in this picture below. Looks so satisfactory to grasp and play.



Make DIY galaxy bath bombs following this awesome video tutorial.


Galaxy painted black shirt.


Splatter paint on painted black plastic eggs to make DIY Galaxy Easter Eggs.

Galaxy Easter Eggs

Galaxy twist dye and bleach tshirt tutorial.


Make Galaxy wall art

Galaxy wall art idea inspired by Etsy.

Go out and paint the stars – Van Gogh


Last but not the least my perosnal favourite constellation starry lights wall art. This project is super easy and cool to make. Trace your constellation and paint the frame black leaving the white spots to shine as the twinkle lights are turned on at the back of the canvas.

constellation wall art tutorial


I hope you enjoyed these DIY galaxy project ideas and crafts.



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DIY Galaxy Projects inspired by Nebula, Space and Universe

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