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100 Mehndi designs – Easy and simple for brides and party 2021

Mehndi designs.. Henna, mehndi, tatoo, mehendi, mehandi all are appropriate terms for the traditional art.

The art of making beautiful patterns and designs on skin in South Asia. The mehndi designs are popular and these ideas update in 2020 with new and latest easy and simple designs are a must for trend and popular hand drawing ideas for women.

In Pakistan and India, Mehndi designs are always in the trend. Whether it’s bridal mehndi or celebrating a festival. It’s how we express our happiness, a way of getting dressed for the occasion. My favorite is still Arabic mehndi but I also like the modern way of putting it.

Mehndi designs images are an easy way to start for beginners and are easy to apply using left hand as well. Photos simple mehndi design on hands and feet use mehndi cone to make traditional festivals like Diwali, Eid, bhai dooj, teej and weddings festive. This year Eid is coming in May 2020 and these ideas are sure to help you apply beautiful mehendi designs images at home.


Mehndi Designs easy and simple for beginners


mehndi designs


Today I am sharing 15 easy henna designs and simple mehndi designs with hottest trends to apply at home during the lockdown.



I love mehndi on hand. The band at the top with half-filled style is my favorite.

It makes the design stand out and it looks stylish.


How to apply mehndi on hands for beginners?

While we are looking at photos and images that can be downloaded for mehndi artists to practice at home and perfect the art of applying designs with a steady hand and perfect results. It is also important to understand the basic idea of best results when applying mehndi designs.

  • Hold the cone with a steady hand and try practicing these easy and simple designs on a paper or a glass tile.
  • Start by making patterns and designs that are basic and then start the challenging ideas. Some common ideas include mandalas, paisleys, peacock feathers and leaves. Once you are comfortable start making Arabic patterns inspired by cultural artifacts and mosques.
  • The secret is to have the finest tip and try to make thin lines as you pour the henna paste out of the cone to accomplish perfection.
  • This will allow you to make neat and finest mehndi patterns with clarity.
  • Tutorials and step by step instructions in mehndi books, magazines and youtube channel are a good way to start.
  • The key is to practice more and more. This way you will learn to hold the cone in the perfect way which works for you with ease and less effort.


Multi-patterned and elegant mehndi art design pictures



Easy and simple bridal henna



Pakistani Mehndi designs


Popular mehndi designs around the world 2020

There are various styles that use different designer styles to make patterns and designs for mehndi, mehendi, mehandi or henna art of hands and feet. Some popular mehndi designs are:

  • Arabic
  • Indo arabic
  • Indo western arabic
  • Pakistani
  • Indian
  • Moroccan
  • Arabic
  • African
  • Contemporary


Indian mehndi party designs.



Henna designs images with step by step front and back hand

There are many popular mehndi ideas, art and designs like:

  • polka dots
  • four-leaf clovers
  • swirls
  • pistachios
  • stripes
  • curves
  • hearts
  • mandalas
  • paisleys
  • florals, flowers or phool
  • chequered
  • hidden names
  • alphabets or calligraphy

Completes every pattern Bridal, Modern or Arabic.




Party mehndi designs by designer henna artists

I am admiring the accuracy of this design. It looks so simple but it’s a tricky one. I want someone to put this one on my hands. Mehandi is very popular in Eastern countries and applied on hand and feet. Nowadays, henna designs are also becoming popular in western countries as henna tattoo designs. Popular and talented henna artists are skilled at making stunning and beautiful latest and new designs on customer’s hands and feet based on occasion. There is also a demand for natural henna paste to be environmentally and eco friendly due to less chemicals and more benefits.





The unfilled floral path on the hands makes this design interesting!

It would look more appealing with filling and polka dots border at the finger tips!




Trendy mehndi for girls with pakistani mehndi design images and step by step instructions for Eid 2020.



Latest modern mehndi



Bridal mehendi designs raja-rani, dil and phool inspired

Latest beautiful bridal mehndi


I am loving the wrist band.


Latest mehendi designs for Eid 2021

The latest and newest designs for mehndi are always the most searchable every year. The challenge is to find these great ideas.



Simple Arabic design with minimal look 2021

Applying beautiful mehendi designs that are like rings and bands on hand and look like jewelry and haathphool bracelet as if you have flowers (phools) on your hands (haath). These fresh and unique modern looks make your hands look fancy and stylish as well as luxurious and extraordinary.



These above simple mehndi designs are inspired by nature with leaves and jaal as well as dotted mandalas to look like jewelry on your hands.



Simple mehndi designs adorning fingers

Such a cute idea for moms of little ones. It will dry very quick and is very stylish too.



Easy mehandi design

Latest floral mehndi design



Traditional mehendi designs

Nothing beats the traditional circle designs.


Modern designer mehndi design images


Bridal dulhan wedding modern mehndi designs 2021



Dulhan bridal mehndi 2021



Easy simple mehndi designs 2021



Fingers Mehndi Design



A mix of florals, mandalas and dotted swirls to make mehndi design 2021 simple designer.



Mehndi decide with half-filled style with traditional completely filled fingers and toppas on fingers like caps for dark mehndi color (mehndi ka rang).



Rounded Flowers Arabic Mehndi Design inspired by mandalas.



Stunning bracelet look inspired by jewelry on hand design with flower as ring and band around the hand to make simple arabic mehndi 2020.



Stunning shaded rose flower mehndi design with completed filled henna on hand. This design will stand out like a magnificent art with a good quality mehndi cone that brings beautiful color.



Latest minimalist style achieved with tiny dots and leaves to make swirls and paisleys.


I hope you enjoyed this roundup of latest Mehndi ideas. Please note some original sources were missing if you find them please leave it in the comment section for me to add.



For more latest mehndi designs go here:

New henna designs


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100 Mehndi designs – Easy and simple for brides and party 2021

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