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Best flower patterns | Stem activity for kids

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Getting creative with geometric patterns and beautiful colors to make flower patterns is an excellent stem activity. It boosts the imagination and enhances their ability to use shapes into making various objects using brain coordination.

Ali started using these wooden patterns when he was in preschool. He still enjoys playing with these as a kindergartner. Kid’s ability strengthens and mind capabilities also enhance as they grow. These are great for home schooling and Montessori as well.

Flower patterns

Flower patterns using pattern blocks

Since, creativity has no limits. These flower patterns can also be used as templates or inspiration for your next fabric flower or paper flower project.

Flower Pattern 1

Flower pattern stem activity

This first pattern is inspired by a more mathematical pattern. Each petal is calculated and contains equal number of shapes. Use trapezoid and triangles at the center. And the squares and diamonds to make the petals. What we love is how the square aligns beautiful as the flower bud.

Our kindergartner was so excited to record videos to make these flower patterns. See those tiny hands in action as they make flowers.


Flower Pattern 2

Flower pattern stem activity for kids

In the second pattern we have a large bud with smaller petals inspired by Sunflower. This flower pattern allows your child to think of various shapes that can be used to create a circle that acts as the flower bud. Little Ali has used a combination of trapezoids, squares and diamonds to achieve the look. Petals are equally apart from each other. They also align with each other on the opposite sides. Triangle with diamonds on the side make perfect petals.

I hope you enjoy the second pattern video below.


Flower Patterns Printable

Flower pattern printables

We have compiled free printables for personal use ONLY. These can be used as guide as your kids make different patterns.


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