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DIY jigsaw puzzle crafts and ideas for creative minds

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DIY jigsaw puzzle crafts and ideas for creative minds. Puzzles are a great activity to get adults and kids involved in brainstorming. But how often just by loosing a few jigsaw puzzle pieces we end up throwing the entire stock away! Today, I am sharing some great ideas to personalized jigsaw puzzle and even jigsaw puzzle crafts to use up old pieces. Did you know you could use paper to make so many puzzle games and activities? Let’s check these innovative projects.

DIY jigsaw puzzle crafts


Before looking at some cool crafts to do with puzzle pieces, here’s a quick and easy tutorial to frame any puzzle without spending too much and having no DIY skills. A good tip is to decoupage the completed jigsaw puzzle before framing it. This way it stays bonded together and protected from any paper damage.

How to frame puzzle


How To Make DIY Jigsaw Puzzle?


  • Make a puzzle via wikihow. Print any image and paste it on a cardboard. Trace the jigsaw puzzle design on the back side and with the help of a sharp knife cut into pieces.
  • Printable continent puzzle via books and giggles. For primary and elementary school kids, a continents jigsaw puzzle is fun for learning. Print out a world map and make your own DIY jigsaw puzzle by cutting the pieces and then join.
  • Make picture jigsaw puzzle (photo puzzle) via snap made. Print out your favorite picture and make a back side with any thick paper medium. Use any jigsaw pattern and cut it. You can also seal the surface with a transparent glue sealer. Simple and easy!
  • Painted puzzle tutorial via alisa burke. Alisa created a custom puzzle by painting an old jigsaw puzzle and made a doodle design on it.
  • Jigsaw puzzle free printable template via dltk kids. You can print and use this template for cutting the pattern of jigsaw puzzle on any design.


Creative Puzzle Games for Kids


  • Learning activity floor puzzles via hands on as we grow. Let the kids make their own puzzle on the floor by giving them a boundary line created using painter’s tape. This activity can also be played using foam sheet shapes as well.
  • Lego picture puzzles via I can teach my child. Kids love to play with Lego. Print and paste some pictures on the Lego block pillars and then carefully cut the image with x-acto knife around each piece of block. Break the pillars and have the kids join them to create the pictures.
  • Counting popsicle stick puzzles via powerful mothering. Place some Popsicle sticks together and ask your kid to finger paint these. Print numbers on each and ask kids to align them by number and saying each number out loud.
  • Easy name puzzle via Happy hooligans. Write the name on a sheet and cut it in puzzle shapes for kids.
  • Make your own storybook block puzzle via kids creative chaos. Print and paste your puzzle on wooden blocks and reuse them.
  • Floor puzzle using wooden tiles via mermag. Color block wooden tiles and enjoy making patterns out of these.


Free printable puzzle activities for kids



DIY Jigsaw Puzzle Crafts


  • Jigsaw puzzle bookmarks (unknown source). Simple project made by sticking puzzle piece on paper clip.
  • Puzzle piece monogram wall art via view from the fridge. Make a wall art with leftover old puzzle pieces like a monogrammed canvas art.
  • DIY Jigsaw puzzle photo frame (unknown source). Make a cute photo frame with painted puzzle pieces.
  • DIY Puzzle piece necklace via gros grain fab. This is great for siblings, couples and friends forever custom gift. Each piece of the puzzle is the necklace of each member of the group.
  • Chalkboard puzzle piece gift tags via domestically blissful. Chalkboard paint puzzle pieces and make instant name tags or gift tags.
  • DIY puzzle fridge magnets via serenity now. Keep your kids creatively involved while you are busy in the kitchen by using magnets to turn simple puzzle into a magnetic DIY jigsaw puzzle.
  • Jigsaw puzzle hearts (unknown source). Cute project that can be customized in many ways.
  • Jigsaw puzzle pieces bowls via freshly found. Make these fun bowls to organize small things.
  • DIY Jigsaw puzzle earrings (unknown source). Make cute earrings for puzzle lovers.
  • Jigsaw puzzle mirror (unknown source). Spray paint puzzle pieces and glue them on a mirror to make a statement mirror.

Enjoy crafting and reusing your old and make new DIY jigsaw puzzles.

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