DIY Duct tape ideas (Make simple crafts)

Today I am sharing 4 easy DIY duct tape ideas  These are fun for kids to make too

From organizing supplies in office and craft room, to pretty instant gift wraps

Or making bookmarks to garden markers


Duct tape can add fancy to any project


diy duct tape ideas

Make Duct tape crafts


DIY Duct tape ideas


1) Easy Bookmark


diy easy bookmarkYou can make lots of bookmarks in a few seconds with duct tape 


diy duct tape bookmarks

Just stick it on a paper clip  And use scissors to shape it as you like


diy duct tape bookmarks

I like this flag-look of my duct tape bookmarks


2) Garden Markers


garden markers

Beautiful system to identify plants this season


DIY garden markers

Use disposable spoons or popsicles as garden plant markers  Simply use different patterns for your plants

And stick them on a decorative paper in a frame  And you have your dry erase frame with plant markers


duct tape garden markers

This is a great project for plant identification with garden markers

You can also reuse them for other plants


3) Easy decorative Jars


duct tape jars

You can decorate any vase, bowl, container, jars etc with duct tape

It is so easy, you only have to stick it


baby food jars

Make decorative jars from baby food jars for office, kitchen and crafts

Great for keeping office stationery and craft supplies  Like pens, pencils, brushes and more


4) Gift wrap with a bow


diy gift wrapping

Simple and presentable gift wrap with duct tape


duct tape gift wrapping

Cut a long strip of duct tape (double the length of the finished bow)  Know that the strip in the image, is a result of folding the sticky sides together  Now overlap the two ends at the center and stick them

Your bow is ready


easy gift wrapping idea

Here I just wrapped the contrasting tape on the box  And topped it with a duct tape bow


DIY Girly Accessories

DIY duct tape ideas

Make DIY girly matching accessories with duct tape


Easy and Cute Party ideas

DIY duct tape ideas

Use duct tape to customize a party theme


I hope you enjoyed these DIY duct tape ideas


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