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17 Unique pasta crafts you need to try

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Unique pasta crafts you need to try using pasta, macaroni, and noodle projects that kids and adults can make together for home or art.


We, the parents are always looking for unique ideas to craft with kids. It’s a great way to involve kids in activities and teach them along. Easy craft ideas and DIY activities can enhance their creative skills. Today’s unique ideas are themed as pasta, macaroni and noodle crafts that are not commonly made and are extraordinary. The great thing about these unique pasta crafts is that they are best for adults and kids. Making bracelets, necklaces, jewelry, and cards with pasta is everywhere. How about we make birdhouses, wall art, organizers or structures using pasta for a change?


How to make pasta crafts?

The following unique pasta crafts are presented below in order:

  • pasta bow tie
  • rainbow bracelets
  • pasta necklace
  • how to you color dye uncooked pasta for crafts?
  • how to dye pasta using hand sanitizer?
  • what colors can I use to dye pasta?
  • structures made with pasta
  • pasta art mosaic
  • noodle kite
  • painted pasta birdhouses
  • noodle sunflowers
  • imprinted tiles with pasta
  • pasta butterflies
  • mandalas using pasta
  • pasta paper plate art
  • stained glass pasta art
  • pasta stationery holder
  • noodle art frames
  • pasta bee craft



Unique pasta crafts you may want to try



Super simple bow tie pasta added to a bottle makes it look fancy.

DIY pasta bow tie party idea



 Rainbow Colored Pasta Bracelets



Instead of using pasta alone, incorporate macaroni, noodles and pom poms to make a garland.

DIY pasta necklaces using thread or yarn.

How to color dye uncooked pasta for crafts?


Use food color and rubbing alcohol to dye pasta.

Fill some pastas in a ziplock bag and shake it with rubbing alcohol and food color. Let it sit in the mixture for 1-2 hours, then dish it out on paper towel on a cookie sheet and let it dry. How to dye pasta?


How to dye pasta using hand sanitizer?

Use paint and hand sanitizer to dye pasta.

Similar to dying pasta with rubbing alcohol, instead of rubbing alcohol use hand sanitizer. In a ziplock bag fill your pasta and add about 2 tablespoon hand sanitizer and 1/2 teaspoon food coloring. Or add as much color as you like to get the color you desire. Note that the color is lighter when it dries on the pasta. Let it sit in the solution for a couple of hours and then arrange it on paper towel to let it dry.


What colors can I use to dye pasta?

The following colors can be used to dye pasta and noodles using the above methods:

  • food colors
  • liquid watercolors
  • acrylic paints


Pasta crafts and pasta art activities for kids


Kids loves to build structures and what’s more fun to use pasta and play doh. This activity is great for introducing basic engineering and physics concepts. It also enhances brain activity and aids in fine motor skills development.



Pasta Mosaic Art

Think about the possibilities!



Welcome summer with this fun noodle kite paper art.

 Pasta noodle kite



Use all sorts of pasta to decorate a birdhouse.

Painted pasta birdhouses


Best pasta crafts and noodle art



 Make art on paper by using noodles like these adorable noodle sunflower crafts by crafty morning.




Pasta and noodles come in various varieties and shapes making them perfect for art. Use these different shapes to make unique designs on clay and paint it. This idea via arteascuola is perfect for creating custom tiles for home and garden. For more great ideas search tiles imprinted with pasta arteascuola.


Fun crafts made from dried pasta


 Make pasta butterflies



 Pasta art activities for kids like making mandalas and paper plate art.



Kids pasta bracelet



An impressive piece of art created using pasta strips or lasagna noodles.

Stained glass pasta art

Get creative with pasta crafts


Pasta stationery holder



Kid made pasta frames via pink stripey socks.



A cute and simple idea to make pasta bee craft.


I hope you enjoyed today’s article filled with creative unique pasta crafts.

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Unique pasta crafts



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