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16 Unique pasta crafts you may want to try

We, the parents are always looking for unique ideas to craft with kids. It’s a great way to involve kids in activities and teach them along. Easy crafts ideas and DIY activities can enhance their creative skills. Today’s unique ideas are themed as pasta, macaroni and noodle crafts that are not commonly made and are extraordinarily well thought. The great thing about these unique pasta crafts is that they are best for adults and kids. Making bracelets, necklaces, jewelry, and cards with pasta is everywhere. How about we make birdhouses, wall art, organizers or teach kids construction rules using pasta for a change?


Best Pasta Crafts

Unique pasta crafts at craftionary.net

Unique Pasta Crafts


Bowtie pasta party idea

Super simple bow tie pasta added to a bottle makes it look fancy.

DIY pasta bowtie party idea


pasta creative crafts
DIY pasta necklaces

Instead of using pasta alone, incorporate macaroni, noodles and pom poms to make a garland.

DIY pasta necklaces


Engineering with kids using pasta and playdoh

Engineering with kids using pasta and playdoh. This activity is great for enhancing brain activity and motor skills development.


pasta mosaic art

Dyed Pasta Mosaic Art

Think about the possibilities!


noodle kite making

Welcome summer with this fun craft:

 Pasta Kite


Painted pasta birdhouses

Use all sorts of pasta to decorate a birdhouse.

Painted pasta birdhouses


Best noodle crafts


pasta kids crafts
pasta crafts and creativity
pasta butterflies making
pasta crafts kids activities

 Pasta Creative Activities For Kids like making mandalas and paper plate art.


Pasta crafts for kids
rainbow pasta crafts
Stained glass pasta art

An impressive piece of art created using pasta strips (also called lasagna noodles)

Stained glass pasta art


Pasta stationery holder
Kid made pasta frame

Kid made pasta frames


Best macaroni crafts


Pasta bee craft

Pasta bee craft


I hope you enjoyed today’s article filled with creative unique pasta crafts. Summer break is just a month ahead pick your favourite to try with the kiddos.

“Happy Summer”

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Unique pasta crafts for adults and kids


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16 Unique pasta crafts you may want to try

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