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Fabric Padded Headboard DIY using fabric patches

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This fabulous Fabric Patchwork Headboard was linked up by Erin and I mean wow look at it! The first thing that comes to my mind looking at this DIY Project is that it makes a statement in the bedroom with the added advantage of comfort. I have always adored fabric padded headboard.

fabric padded headboard
Erin shows us how easy it is to make the

Fabric Padded Headboard

 using plywood, foam and fabric. According to her it is fun to make it but only the staple gun part is difficult. She managed to make 40 patchwork pieces (phew! that’s a lot of work), arranged and screw each into a sheet of plywood which acts as the back of the headboard for hanging on the wall.

Headboard fabric patchwork
Check out the complete tutorial with all the details to make Padded Headboard at taking time to create. The amount of hardwork and patience required to make this padded headboard using different patterns of fabric is remarkable. But the result is definitely worth the effort. This could be a themed project as well where you use themed fabric designs to match the headboard with the bedroom decor. A use of neutral colors for this work can make this bed a perfect fit in any room over the years.
Also if a part of the headboard gets stain or gets damaged over time you don’t have to replace the entire project but just the part of it. With all these thoughts coming to my mind I chose this project to be featured here at craftionary. I wish I had the patience to ever work on a project like this! One day!

You can also make it in neutral colors if you like.

Fabric DIY Headboard
 So what do you think?
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  1. Erin says:

    Thanks so much for spotlighting my headboard!

  2. Teri@thefreshmancook says:


  3. jeanetteann says:

    So unusual,would take a lot of patience to do. This method could be used for so many ideas. Well done Erin. x

  4. 4 You With Love says:

    What a great headboard…a great way to customize your bedroom!

  5. Debra Kapellakis says:

    That is pretty. 🙂

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