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Basket Gift Idea for wedding

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Basket gift idea made with italian dough or clay for wedding. Just like today’s guest has made a fun Mr and Mrs wedding basket which can be ideally used during the wedding ceremony in various ways.


Our today’s guest contributor is Farah. She does not blog but loves to share her cute projects with us! Let me tell you something before we start on today’s project. When I was a very new blogger, she was one of the sweetest people who reached up to me to contribute at craftionary. Farah is not new to Craftionary. She loves to make Italian dough crafts, if you would like to see the jewelry box makeover by her.


Basket Gift Idea

basket gift idea


 Today she is sharing this cute


Clay wedding basket


a special handmade basket gift idea for your friend. I would use it:

  • To hold the (Mr  and Mrs ) wedding rings for the exchange of vows.


  • A gift card, jewelry or small high valued gifts can be very beautifully decorated in this basket.


    To make this you will need:

Two white sports balls
Glue Gun
Cane Basket
Molding clay or Homemade Italian dough
Mini flowers
White net

White pearls garland

clay basket


Make Italian dough basket


Knead the molding clay or Italian dough (recipe here) into balls and shape to make faces. To make the hat, press the dough flat and shape another piece of dough to make the top of the hat. You can make these flowers using small flower cutters from the dough and press at the center to give them a bloomed look. Finally use hot glue to arrange and assembled everything in place. And your done!

italian dough craft
Thanks so much for yet another cute Italian dough project.

Italian dough flower (roses)

DIY Frame Art

Handmade Italian dough flowers


p s: if you have been hanging around Craftionary for long, you would have heard me saying I used to make Italian Dough Crafts. This year I got a chance to snap a few pictures of the DIY Projects I made when I was in school. I have not forgotten, and I will be sharing my recipe, tricks, tips and how-to’s with you as soon as my son starts going to school. Just thought I should share a sneak peak while we are discussing.


Italian dough crafts!

Welcome to craftionary


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  1. Srivathsan says:

    Hi Hani,

    This particular post of yours is attracting me, to say the least! (As I am planning to get married!) Nice. Keep writing., Opps! Keep crafting…


  2. Paula says:

    Oww So cute Basket. I Live it. Thanks for sharing Beautiful & Cute Basket.

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