20 Green recipes for St Patricks Day

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I am sharing today some green recipes.

20 Green Recipes for St Patrick’s Day. All the things you can think about making green from:

Desserts, smoothies, drinks, salads, soups and so much more.

So let’s get started with these St Patricks Day recipes.

green recipes

Green recipes for St Patrick’s Day

I hope you enjoy this roundup!

First up we have these four leaf clover made with hearts.

green recipes clover


Make these Mini Mint Cheesecakes for St  Patricks Day.

Four heart shaped cheesecakes make a shamrock.

Mini Mint Cheesecakes

green recipes stir fry

Stir fried veggies

Green beans and Shiitake mushrooms Stir Fry.

An easy and delicious green side dish recipe.

Stir fry recipe

st patricks day recipes

Cashew curry

Sri Lanka inspired cashew curry. Serve it with Rice, Quinoa or Couscous.

Cashew curry

broccoli soup

Broccoli soup

Make creamy broccoli soup for St Patrick’s Day.

Use a clover shaped cutter to cut. And then toast the clover for decorating the soup.

Broccoli Soup

green smoothies

Green fruits smoothies

Shamrock smoothie make with kiwis, bananas and grapes.

The extra flavors in the recipe make it worth tasting.

Green smoothies

green milkshake

Mint Milkshake

Topped with marshmallow cream and candy mint sprinkles. Great for kids!

Lucky Green Mint Milkshake

green lamb chops

 Mint Roasted Lamb chops served with peas

This recipe is nutritious and green for Irish Holiday.

Minty Roasted Lamb Chops


st patrick's day recipes

Chocolate mud balls

Make these chocolate mud balls with your kids.

Candy sprinkles and shamrock candies will be fun for kids to help you with!

St Patrick’s Day Mud Balls.

irish recipe

Grasshopper Cocktails

Being Irish recipe for St Patrick’s Day cocktail.

green cheesecake

Peppermint bars

St Patrick’s Day Recipe for Dessert. Made with pure peppermint extract.

Chocolate Cheesecake Bars

green salads

Quinoa Stuffed Avocados

A healthy salad recipe. Stuff avocados with Quinoa salad.

st patrick's traditional recipes

Colcannon recipe

Traditional Irish recipe for St Patrick’s Day.

This recipe has been adopted to sui American taste buds.

Meshed potatoes topped with cabbage.

green glowing cupcakes

Green Glowing Cupcakes

Let’s have some fun on St Patricks Day.

With this cupcake frosting that glows green in the dark.


cucumber recipes

Cucumber rolls

Super easy and impressive side dish recipe.

Use cucumbers to make these feta rolls. Green, healthy and fun.

These can also be made to suit in any Holiday season.

Cucumber feta rolls

ice cream jello

Jello shots

These jello shots are so creative. Add ice cream to make floating ice cream jello.

Cute idea! You can make these in any color you like.

How about rainbow jello for St Patricks Day?

Ice cream jello shots

green mix

Green mix

What’s not to love about this recipe when partying?

Make green popcorn and pretzel mix.

Serve in a plate or fill them in cupcake liners.

Green mix recipe

mint pies

Mint whoopie pies

Mint whoopie pies recipe with chocolate ganache for the Irish Holiday.

Another traditional Irish recipe.

green cookies

Mint cookies

So they say! Cool mint and rich chocolate make a delicious dessert combo (cookie combo).

Make these Betty crocker’s cookies on St Patricks Day.

Chocolate Mint Cookies

green recipes

Green tea Mochi cupcakes

Green tea is a sweet flavor. You should make these green tea Mochi cupcakes. If you like new flavors.

Green tea cupcakes

cucumber cups filings

Cucumber cups stuffed with spicy crab

And last but not the least!

Make these cucumber cups using melon baller. And stuff them with spicy crab.

There is also a link for a vegetarian filling.


Some original sources are missing. If you come across them please leave them in the comment section.


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Oreo pudding pie with cream

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Oreo pudding pie


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