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How to make nylon flower lily with stocking net

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Find instructions to make nylon flower lily with stocking net in this post.

LILY the name is used chiefly for plants of the genus “Lilium” and related species but is applied also to plants of other families, e.g., the water lily and the calla lily whose blossoms closely resemble the true lilies in appearance. Lily is a plant growing from bulb and is native to the temperate northern hemisphere. There are about 110 species of the lily family.
They are used as large showy flowering garden plants. Some species are sometimes grown or harvested for the edible bulbs. Now let’s craft this magnificent big flower.

Things needed to make nylon flower lily

  • Ring size (4) and (5)
  • Orange stocking net
  • Floral tape
  • Nylon thread
  • Stem wire
  • Wire
  • Plier
  • 8 black stamens
For complete nylon material information see NYLON MATERIAL.

How to make stocking net flower lily?

  • Cut the double-sided stamens from the centre. Wrap a piece of orange nylon around stamen to make it stiff so that it can stand. make 8 stamens in the same way. Thread these 8 stamens to the wire. Wrap some floral tape around.




  • Join rings (4) and (5) with a piece of wire and make 5 petals with it for each lily.Wrap the orange nylon around it.




  • Thread the petals to the wire; in the upside down position. Follow the instructions for making petals and assembling the flower in the post Basic Nylon Flower.





  • Fold the petals upward to form a bulb and outward to open the flower.




  • Wrap floral tape around the wires of petals. Join the leaves and the lily is complete.




Isn’t it cute. I really like this drop down look of this flower. Looks unique
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