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90 Awesome Pie Crust Designs and Ideas

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Pie, a delightful and versatile dessert, has been enjoyed by people across cultures and generations. In a typical Homemade pie you encase filling in a well-crafted pie crust. The most creative part of making a pie from scratch, especially with a family recipe is to decorate the pie crust with artistic designs.

Explore the art of homemade pie crust with easy recipes and food presentation ideas. These fun and festive pie crust designs guide you to make pie dough or use premade pie crust to perfection with practice. The most important part is to start. Find famous pies that have stood the test of time, and delve into the secrets of crafting the best pie crust. Serve it for the festival on a well decorated table with these Dining table decor ideas and Creative Vase filler ideas.



  1. Perfect Almond Flour Pie Crust

Blue Diamond Growers

Perfect Almond Flour Pie Crust

  1. Peach Pie

A beautiful mess


  1. Cross Style Pie Crust


cherry pie

4. Ruffled Surface Pie Crust Design

Ruffled crust design


  1. Mummy Pie Crust Design

Bouge Cookie Company

mummy pie peach flavored

  1. All-Butter Pie Crust with Rope Edge Design

The cozy plum



  1. Artistic Lattice with Elegant Floral Accents

Strips design

#crostata #cremapasticcera #piecrust

  1. Lattice Crust Apple Pie

Food network with cinnamon and nutmeg.


  1. Braided Lattice Pie Crust

A head of thyme


  1. Strawberry and Cardamom Pie

Pastry Fresh Faces with decorative rolling pin.

strawberry and cardamon pie

  1. Fall Lattice Design with Pastry Cutouts

Brookes Sweet Tooth

Apple pie. Appeltaart.

  1. Thick and Thin Lattice Pie Design

Sallys baking addiction


  1. Lattice Carnival Pie Crust Design

Roberta Ricchiuti

Carnival tart

  1. Wild Berry Harmony Pie

Wild Berry Harmony Pie with filling of raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.

More di rovo

  1. Blueberry Lemon Pie Lattice Art

Pie lattice art

Pie lattice art with some handcut feathers

  1. Herringbone Lattice Pie Design

Saving dessert



  1. Braided Pie Crust with Hearts design


heart pie

  1. Fishtail Braid Pie Crust

Weave pastry dough strips together in a fishtail braid pattern.

Fishtail Braid Pie Crust

  1. Braided Edge Pie Crust Design


Braided Edge Pie Crust


  1. Pie Crust Design for Christmas

Snowman pie crust design, featuring a jolly face, coal buttons, and carrot nose.

christmas pie

  1. Fancy Cherry Cream Pie Crust

Once Upon a Pie Bakery

Fancy Cherry Cream Pie Crust

  1. Fancy Umbrella Pie Crust Design

Petra Kavsek The foodie

Fancy Umbrella Pie Crust Design

  1. Starbright Pie Crust Design

Inspired to Taste

Starbright Pie Crust

  1. Creative Lemon Curd and Peach Pie

Filastrocca Dolce

Lemon Curd and Peach Pie

  1. Fresh Plum Pie Crust

Amy bunny loveca

Fresh Plum Pie Crust

  1. Mandala Pie Crust Design

Mandala pie crusts from the old art form of mandalas.

Mandala Pie Crust

  1. Artistic Pie Crust Design

Timea Rosenstein

Artistic Pie Crust

  1. Santa Clause Pie Crust Design


Santa Clause Pie Crust

  1. Thanksgiving Bouquet Pie Crust Design


Thanksgiving Pie Crust


  1. Father’s Day Pie Crust Design

“Best Dad” pie crust design

Father’s Day Pie Crust

  1. Etched Compass Pie Crust Design

Chef Splendor

Compass Pie Crust

  1. White Chocolate Peppermint Pie

Holiday no-bake candy cane pie by country living.

White Chocolate–Peppermint Pie

  1. Polka Dots Pie Crust

Karin Pfeiff Boschek

Polka Dots Pie

  1. Stenciled Pie Crust Design

Martha Stewart using wooden Popsicle sticks that have been dusted with cinnamon sugar.

Stencil Apple Pie

  1. Colorful flowers Pie Crust Design

My Kitchen Escapades

Colorful flowers Pie

  1. Diamond Pie Crust

Sweet by tesokc

Diamond Pie Crus

  1. Leafy Pie Crust Design

Judy Kim


  1. Apple Pie with Maple Leaves Design

Bake school


  1. Fall Leaves Pie Crust Design


Fall Leaves Pie Crust

  1. Turkey Crust Pumpkin Pie

Kudos kitchen by renee

Turkey Crust Pumpkin pie


  1. Cherry and Choco Pie

Clelia Bakery

Cherry and Choco Pie

  1. Hazelnut Cream Pie

Sandra Ferrara

Hazelnut Cream Pie

  1. Geometric Pie Art

Arlo Designs

Geometric Pie Art

  1. Cranberry Raspberry Curd Tart

Lolo kitchen with dragon fruit and kiwi tiles.

Cranberry Raspberry Curd Tart

  1. Rectangular Pie Crust Design

Elsa Gubiotti

Rectangular Pie Crust Design


  1. Strawberry Pie

Delicate pastry flowers


  1. Scallop Pretty Pie Crust


Pretty Pie Crust

  1. Cherry Pie Crust with edible flowers and herbs

Twigg Studio

Cherry Pie Crust

  1. Panna Cotta Pie Crust

The impertinent cook

Panna Cotta Pie Crust

  1. Chicken Pot Pie with Flowers Design


Chicken Pot Pie with Flowers Design

  1. Spring Flavor Tart

Spring-inspired pistachio shortbread tart with white chocolate, strawberries and custard.

Spring Flavor Tart

  1. Winter Warming Pie Crust Design

Bake with Rahul

Winter Warming Pie Crust Design

  1. Fancy Peach Pie


Fancy Peach Pie

  1. Blue Butterfly Daisy Pie

Anima mundi herbals

Blue Butterfly Daisy Pie

  1. Pie Crust Design with Flowers

Jojo Romancer

Pie Crust Design with Flowers


  1. Christmas Pastry Cutouts

Homemade pie featuring snowflakes, stars, and reindeer, adding a touch of seasonal enchantment.

Christmas Pastry Cutouts

  1. Thanksgiving Pie with Pastry Cutouts

Thanksgiving pie

Thanksgiving Pie with Pastry

  1. Cherry Pie with Heart Cutouts

Backen Mitnick

Cherry Pie with Heart

  1. Lattice Design with Cute Pastry Cutouts

Remarkable Confections

Lattice Design with Cute Pastry

  1. Pie Crust Design with Colorful Butterflies Cutouts

Colorful butterfly pie crust

Pie Crust Design with Colorful Butterflies

  1. Pie with Pastry Cut-outs

Pastry pie

Pie with Pastry Cut-outs

  1. Autumn Pie Crust Cutouts design

Mina Fager Lund

Autumn Pie Crust Cutouts design

  1. Top your Pie with Stars

Hola jalapeno with fruits, cheese, or edible glitter.

Fresh Peach Slab Pie with Buttery Nutmeg Crust

  1. Pumpkin and Mushroom Savory Pie Crust

Mimis cakes

Pumpkin and Mushroom Savory Pie

  1. Dairy-free Pumpkin Pie Crust Cutouts

Joy food sunshine with coconut milk.

Pumpkin Pie Crust Cutout


  1. Pie Crust Design with Waves on the Surface

Painting with Sugar

Pie Crust Design with Waves on the Surface

  1. Pie Crust design with Waves Edge

Beautiful crust

Pie Crust design with Waves Edge

  1. Blueberry Pie

Waves Design

Blueberry Pie

  1. 4th July Pie Crust Design

Raising up Wild Flowers

4th July Pie Crust Design


  1. Wedding Pie Crust Design

Baked x Monet

Wedding Pie Crust

  1. Rose Pie Crust

The good hearted woman

Pie Crust with Roses


  1. Vintage Pie Art

Tart design with decorative rolling pin by Daniela Campisano.

Vintage Pie Art

  1. Australian Pie

Pie godess

Australian Pie

  1. Apricot Jam and Grapes Pie


Apricot Jam and Grapes Pie

  1. Rolling Pin Craft Pie Crust

Zoe bakes

Rolling Pin Craft Pie Crust

  1. Pie Crust Design with Hearts

Small Hearts Pie

Pie Crust Design with Hearts

  1. New Year Pie Crust Design

Alices home and oven

New Year Pie Crust Design

  1. Christmas Whimsical Pie Crust Design

Snowflake patterns

Christmas Pie Crust Design

  1. Halloween Pie Crust Design

The epicurean mouse

Halloween Pie Crust

  1. Christmas Trees Pie Crust Design

Christmas design

Christmas Trees Pie Crust

  1. Enchanting Strawberry Pie Crust

That lil ferrier featuring a tree design.

Enchanting Strawberry Pie Crust

  1. Wooden Craft Pie Crust Design

Gilded wood

Wooden Craft Pie Crust Design

  1. Linzer Style Pie Crust

La Dolce Arianna


  1. Floral Gothic Style Pie Crust




  1. Small Apple Pies



  1. Mason Jar Lid Mini Pies

Lindsay Ann with store-bought crust and no cutting.


  1. Spring Egg Pies with Strawberry Jam

Blooming Berry Bites


  1. Mini Pie Crust Art

Tooka Sweethome


  1. Blueberry Apple Mini Pies Design

Mariam Hamdy



  1. Strawberry and Meyer Lemon Pie Crust

Hand painted mushrooms, flowers and butterflies by Must Love Herbs.


The Art of Pie-Making and Famous Pies

A delectable pie starts with the pie crust, which consists of two main components: the filling and the crust. The filling can be sweet or savory and is baked to perfection. Famous pies include Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Key Lime Pie, and Chicken Pot Pie. Throughout history, pies have become beloved culinary delights.

The Perfect Pie Crust and Recipe

The pie crust is not just a vessel for the filling; it plays a vital role in the overall taste and texture of the pie. A well-made pie crust should strike the perfect balance between flaky, tender, and flavorful. Achieving this ideal crust is an art form in itself.

Supplies and Materials for Crafting Pie Crust Designs

Now that you have the recipe for a flawless pie crust, let’s explore the tools and utensils that will elevate your pie crust designs. Amazon offers an array of supplies that are perfect for creating intricate and eye-catching patterns. From decorative pie crust cutters to embossed rolling pins, these tools will unleash your creativity and turn your pies into edible works of art. Some recommendations are listed below:

Occasions and Historical Significance of Pies

Pies hold a special place in various cultures, often associated with celebrations, holidays, and family gatherings. Thanksgiving and Christmas are prime occasions when pies, especially pumpkin and pecan pies, grace the dessert tables in many households. In England, the tradition of pie-making dates back to medieval times, when pies were often filled with meats and spices.

With the knowledge of making a delectable pie and crafting intricate pie crust designs, you can now unleash your creativity and impress your guests with visually stunning and delicious pies. Whether you are a seasoned baker or a novice in the kitchen, the ideas presented here can easily be replicated, making pie-making a delightful experience for everyone. So roll up your sleeves, grab your pie dish, and embark on a journey of pie-making that merges art and flavor in perfect harmony.

What are different types of decorative pie crust designs?

Decorative pie crust designs offer various styles to enhance baked creations. Popular designs include lattice, fluted edge, cut-outs, braided, rosettes, crimped edge, woven, ruffled edge, embossed, and brushed designs. Lattice is a classic design with interwoven strips of dough, while the fluted edge is elegant with a scalloped border. Cut-outs create shapes like stars, hearts, leaves, and more. A crimped edge is a traditional method for a neat, decorative finish. Woven creates intricate patterns, ruffled edges, embossed designs, and brushed designs using food coloring or egg wash.

How do you make designs on pies?

To create pies with unique designs, use techniques like lattice design, cut-outs, braiding, crimped edge, rosettes, embossed patterns, brushed designs, woven designs, and ruffled edges. These techniques enhance the visual appeal of baked creations and make them stand out. Create classic lattice patterns, cut-outs, braided edges, crimped edges, rosettes, embossed patterns, brushed designs, woven designs, and ruffled edges. Be creative and have fun while creating these unique pies.

Do you paint pie crust before or after baking?

Paint the pie crust after you bake it and when it is cool. The color will be more bright and presentable than adding food color into the dough before baking. However, Brush it with egg wash or milk to give the crust a glossy sheen and a lovely golden-brown color, before putting it in the oven for baking. Additionally, it aids to seal the crust and keeps it from getting soggy when you bake it. Once the proper wash has been applied to the pie crust bake the pie as directed in the recipe.

How do you stencil a pie?

Roll out a pie crust and fit it into a pie dish to stencil a pie. Choose a food-safe stencil that complements the pie’s theme or design. Place the stencil on the crust, press it down, and dust it with flour or cocoa powder. Stencil the design using a fine-mesh sieve or brush, then remove the stencil. Bake the pie and serve. Enjoy the creative process and receive compliments on your artistic pie.

What kind of Materials and Supplies are used to decorate a pie crust?

Pie crusts can be decorated with various materials and supplies to enhance their presentation. Common options include brushing the crust with egg wash, adding sugar, pie dust or glitter, pastry cutters, lattice strips, cookie cutters, braiding, crumb topping, food coloring, and fruit or nut garnish. These decorations add visual appeal and texture to the pie. Using edible ingredients like food coloring or sliced fruits or nuts can also enhance the overall presentation.

What are the tips for the perfect pie crust?

To create a tender crust:

  • Use chilled butter and ice-cold water
  • Use the right type of flour
  • Cut the fats (butter, shortening, or lard) properly such that it is evenly distributed within the dry ingredients.
  • Don’t over mix.
  • Rest the dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes before rolling. This allows it to naturally rise.
  • Dust your surface with flour as you work with it.
  • Roll the dough even to avoid variation in thickness.
  • Use pie weights or dried beans for pre-baking. Uncooked rice work just as perfect for blind baking.
  • Ventilate the top crust with slits or shapes to allow air to pass.
  • Brush the top crust with egg wash for perfection.
  • Monitor baking and allow the pie to cool completely before slicing to allow the filling to set.

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