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10 DIY Home Projects

Today’s features include DIY Home Projects that are cute and very useful. These ideas are great for a small space.

Think about utilizing an empty spot! Or refreshing a wall for a new look!

How about some amazing outdoor projects to beautify your garden (patio, backyard, deck or porch).

Let’s have a look at each and let me tell you how!


DIY home projects


DIY Home Projects


choosing wallpaper for living room
DIY rebuilding deck
DIY kitchen small office
dry erase board desk
air conditioning unit cover
half pallet herb garden
lampshade paper circles
patio pot table
rug backside train track
sharpie wall art bedroom idea

Decorative wall with sharpie


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6 responses to “10 DIY Home Projects”

  1. Thank you for including my patio table, Hani!

  2. […] 10 DIY Home Projects last week’s party features HERE. […]

  3. Lauren says:

    Thanks for featuring my dry erase board desk.

  4. Thanks for showing off my pallet herb garden! I love seeing all the new projects each week! ~Kely

  5. DeeDee says:

    Thanks for featuring our picket fence a/c cover Hani! 🙂

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10 DIY Home Projects

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