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Spring Girl’s Petals Skirt (tutorial)- Guest Post

Spring girls petals skirt. Today’s project is about sewing. And how simple additions can make your clothes look unique and special.Lindsay our guest blogger is sharing a petals skirt tutorial with us. See how she transformed her little girl’s skirt from plain to rosy.
petals skirt tutorial
Hello, I am excited to be here! I was so happy when Hani asked me to guest in her lovely space today! I’m Lindsay, from Southern Lovely.
Over at my place you will find all sorts of DIY’s, sewing, painting & lots of hot glue projects. It’s kind of a little of this & that. 🙂
I have a great time creating it all though.
Today I am going to share a fun project that feeds into my little obsession with skirts. 🙂
In hopes of warmer weather, I wanted to make a spring skirt. Since I have two little girls, I always make 2 of everything, and for some reason, my 2nd item always turns out better. I do try to rotate who is the ‘guinea pig’ with each project though. 🙂

Petals Skirt

My inspiration came from these petals found at the dollar store, of all places. I loved the pretty pink color, and thought I would give it a try on a skirt. This was very simple to make, but adds so much.
Supplies needed:
Material for skirt
(for my 5 year old I cut 15×22 inches & for my 3 year old, 14×20 inches)
Elastic band
Sewing Machine
girls petals skirt
Once you have made your skirt, start by pinning one row of petals at the bottom. I liked how my petals draped off the bottom of the skirt. It’s up to you how you want it to look.
Then sew a straight line across the petals.
petals skirt diy tutorial
Repeat with a 2nd row.
For the third row, I trimmed off the top of the petal, for a more tailored look. Pin the last row, then sew.
DIY petals skirt
Yes, it’s really that easy. I love the dimension the petals.
petals skirt tutorial
Don’t you love how my little model is such a poser. This girl cracks me up. 🙂
The first skirt I made, I pinned all three rows, then sewed. It was kind of a pain to have to lift the row above, then sew. I like the ‘pin, then sew, then pin again’ method. 🙂 I have washed & dried these skirts & they still look great! They definitely need to be ironed after washing them though. Have fun with this, there could be so many variations of it, I actually have a few more in mind! Thanks for letting me share here today. Feel free to stop by my place & say hi anytime, I love meeting new friends.


Thanks so much for this cute petals skirt tutorial, Lindsay! I love the petals and pink is awesome!
Check out Lindsay’s blog for more cool ideas like:

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3 responses to “Spring Girl’s Petals Skirt (tutorial)- Guest Post”

  1. Lindsay says:

    Aw, thank you so much for having me here! I am very happy to share at your place!

  2. Jill says:

    So cute! Love those petals! Smiles, Jill

  3. Trina says:

    To cute. If only I could sew, to impatient.

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Spring Girl’s Petals Skirt (tutorial)- Guest Post

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