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Memories keepsake quick and easy

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A newborn baby is the most precious gem that one can have. Words can not express the infinite bliss that the baby brings in your life. It marks a new beginning filled with love and care, that changes the way things used to be. Shouting and whispering in your ears saying “Welcome to parenthood”.

I was a complete loser when it comes to children. How to play with them? How to entertain and be friends with them? I was so bad that I even never tried holding a newborn baby because they are so delicate. They scared the hack out of me.When my sweet little angel was born, I was bombarded with emotions. I have no idea how it happened, but I as a person went through a huge turmoil. From not interested to crazily in love with a baby. The joy of parenthood learned the practical way.
Now what is more amazing to keep your wonderful memories save for years to come.  This gave me the idea to make a keepsake memory box that I can always see even when my children are old and busy. These memories will always be precious. Let’s have a look at a very quick and easy crafted memory box and my memories.
Note:You might be wondering about the pictures being from some other blog. Home essence was originally a blog started by me which then got transfered here at blogspot.
  • I bought this cute box from Michaels. However, it is so simple to make that I decided to include a tutorial. 
  • Use your clothes or shoe box instead of throwing it in trash. Start by cleaning and painting the box black or any color you like. 

  •  Decoupage scrap paper on the box. And screw the label on one side. 

  •  Buy or print personalized memo sheets and have a date column for better organization. Mine were included with the box

  •  Now here’s the cute part. I used stickers I bought from a dollar store for labeling. Stick the letters to a hard paper or label and slip it inside the clip

  •  Here’s a sneak peek at my sweetheart’s footprint when he was a month old. Lovely. isn’t it? 🙂
  • I simply bought PlayDoh, rolled it to the consistency I wanted and pressed his footprints on it. Next I simply placed it in a secure place and let it dry. When it was stiff I framed it with his picture.

  • Keep your newborn’s first dress, shoe, cap, birth receiving blanket, wrist bands, ultrasound pictures and all the memories still to come. Use paper pins to attach memos to the memories, write about it and use stickers for a beautiful touch. Do not forget to label the things. Use air-tights bags for holding your precious memories so that they are protected as well.

I would love to hear your ideas and see your memories 
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