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Celebrating SPRING with Colors (Party, Food and Printables)

celebrating spring party

 Celebrating Spring! There is nothing more wonderful than celebrating Spring with colors.   I came up with this fun theme for our friends party. I wanted to decorate for the party, and was pretty scared about my little one running around also. So, I came up with some simple ideas, which can be arranged at […]

Spring in my Garden (Free Printables and Wallpapers)

Coincidentally, Today on Wednesday I am Wordless. 🙂 I was missing the Spring Beauty on my attempt to grow some beautiful flowers in my balcony, so my brother was sweet enough to send me some happy moments from our garden at my parent’s place to cheer me up. I was so thrilled to see the […]

1st Birthday- Race car theme

I can not believe my baby boy turned a year old a few months back. I know! don’t be mad, I seriously wanted to share this happy moment with you but something always came up. Long story short I thought it’s better late than never. He is the 1st baby in our family so everyone […]

Memories keepsake quick and easy

A newborn baby is the most precious gem that one can have. Words can not express the infinite bliss that the baby brings in your life. It marks a new beginning filled with love and care, that changes the way things used to be. Shouting and whispering in your ears saying “Welcome to parenthood”. I was […]