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What to do with an old shirt?

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We always have old clothes and fabrics in the home which sometimes have sentimental values attached to it. Sometimes it’s a favorite old shirt which you cannot get rid of! It might be belonging to a special person who is not with you anymore or it might be worn at an important event and is almost brand new. How about recycle it into a wonderful pillow cover? Our guest today is sharing a simple shirt pillow tutorial.

Hi i’m Aimee from over at twigg studios. I am a craft addict. I live, eat and sleep crafts and my blog. Well less of the sleep lol sometimes I’m up till two in the morning making things. I jumped at the chance to do a guest post here at Hani’s sweet blog. I have a tutorial to show:

What to do with an old shirt?

what to do with an old shirt into a pillow cover
To Make It:

This is the easiest cushion cover ever. Take one old shirt. Measure it against a cushion pad. And cut a square.

(Front and back at the same time).

Place inside out and stitch all the way around it.

Once done, turn it the right way. Unbutton it and slip the cushion pad inside.

Button it back up. And that’s it.

So easy!

old shirt to pillow cover

Don’t we just love easy and good use of old things! Thanks Aimee for the quick tutorial.

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