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Paper Toy Fun + 15 Cool New Year Eve Party Ideas

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I am so excited to be back with New Year Eve Party Ideas. And by the time I was back in town, I was all set to celebrate my boy’s 2nd Birthday. And the New Year together. Yes, it won’t have been better, he’s a New Year gift (the very best I could ever asked for).

New Year Eve Party Ideas

So, while I am busy with party preparations. I thought it would be fun to share a really cool Paper Toy. Which can be used in many ways. Like add paper coins with dares written on them for some added fun and slot it out to play, while you wait for the clock to strike 12.
Joyceat Casino Top 10 is sharing this cute Slot Machine with us today.
Here’s how you can make one for the New Year’s Eve Party Ideas. All you need is a printer, scissors and some glue.They recently released a design on a slot machine paper toy that is quick and easy to assemble. Let’s take a quick look at this fun project.

New year eve party ideas

Here’s the printable you want to print and assemble.

Click HERE to print.
Instructions to assemble:
First, cut out all of the parts.
To save time for later, let’s go ahead and make the incisions where all the green lines indicate. Try not to cut more than what is indicated by the green lines as this may make the holes too big.
The green stars should be holes for the legs.
There is one missing cut on the diagram. If you look on the body where the club and spade symbols are, there is a white line there. That should also have an incision to place the coin. 
From this point, the template is fairly straight forward, but here are a few common tips that we recommend.
Tips for perfection:
Using glue along the inside of the machine body may prove less messy. You will need to curve the change return piece on the body as the torso does curve. The black blocks on the template are for the legs. The white tabs sticking out the jackpot light and the pull arm are not glue flaps. They insert into the machine. A thick piece of cardboard used behind the base (with holes for the legs of course) will give the project more strength. This little paper toy robot is a fun and easy project to do with your child. The best part is that you won’t have all the added noise that comes with typical slot machines.
Especially if you have boys who love robots. This can be a decorative paper toy for their bedroom also.
Thanks Joyce for sharing this wonderful idea.
Here are a few more ideas for 2022 that are sure to make The New Year rock!

New Year Eve Party Ideas

Celebrations New Years countdown made with matchboxes.
 DIY New Years inspired clock pillow
Happy New Year Cake
 4.nye-2012Glitter Wood Centerpiece



Make new years eve party hats free printable


NYE party ideas



New Year Eve’s Craft Stirrers made with sequins.




New Year Eve printables party ideas
New Year Eve Paper Garland
New Year Eve Kid’s Game

New years eve Countdown Goodie Bags




Real fun when they all ring together.




New Year kit with journals,party hats, blowers and party favors.

Fun for kids.



New Year Eve horns



Happy New Year cookies



Simple New Years Horns favor


Happy New Year


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  1. Kassi at Truly Lovely says:

    Glad to see you're back! 🙂 Lots of fun new year ideas! Love that clock pillow!

  2. Amy says:

    Ooooh, SO many fun ideas!! Where to begin? Would you share here?

  3. Lori says:

    How fun, thanks for sharing all of this info! I had to pin the multi clock photo so I remembered to come back here in case I have a party next year. Found you at InspireMeFridays

  4. Pat says:

    Happy New Year. I hope yours is filled with love, joy, peace and creativity!

  5. Maureen says:

    Love your paper projects! Just made your paper toy one of the Freshest of the Week on my blog 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up!

  6. says:

    Great ideas-the pillow is my favorite.

  7. craft palace says:

    Happy New year.i like the cake so much. I love your craft works.

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