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Origami box easy tutorial

Origami is a Japanese technique of folding the paper and making wonderful things. It does not involve any cutting or gluing just simple folds to convert a basic paper into beautiful projects. I am using constructive paper that is normally used in crafts by kids. 
Make this origami cube, it is very easy to make and you can use it in many different ways. Next time when you have a party at home, add a little more style to your dinner by placing treats in the boxes made with the same motive (color) of your theme and set besides the dinner plates of your guests. You can also keep your little craft things like buttons, beads, needles etc in different boxes with labels on for an organized and easy to reach customized statement.

  • Take a square paper (9 1/2 x 9 1/2) and fold it in half such that the bottom corner folds onto the top corner. Keep the pattern-side down.

  • Fold it in half again, such that right corner folds onto the left corner.
  • Now open the top half of the triangle and flatten into a diamond shape.

  • Flip the paper over. Open and fold the fin to the top left and flatten into a diamond shape again.
  • Fold the top right and top left edges to the centre line

  • Open the flaps, as pictured below and flatten the bottom of each flap into a triangle.

  • Flip the paper over and fold the edges to the centre line and flatten the flaps into triangles at the bottom again. 
  • Rotate (flip) flaps you will get a clear surface as shown below. Now fold the top right and top left edges to the centre line like before. Flip the paper and repeat on the other 3 sides

  • Fold top point down, as shown in the picture below. Flip the paper and repeat on the other 3 sides.
  • You will get a shape as shown below. Now pull out the four triangular sides and flatten the bottom.
  • Your box is ready. If you don’t like the tipped-corners you can also glue them to the base for a sophisticated box.
  • Use it to keep candies for your guest or small treats aside each guests plate at the dinner parties. You can also use it to keep your handy things or decorate flowers in it. 

What I made last week?
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Origami box easy tutorial

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