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Guest Post- Teddy and shirt tutorial

I am Cath from Cake By Cath

Today I am sharing my teddy bear tutorial with the readers of Craftionary
  • Knead some gum paste to soften it. When it is soft enough to mold tint it using a cocktail stick with brown food color and knead again. Now it is ready. Cut and set aside a small quantity for hands and legs.
  • Now shape it as the photo below for the body part

  • Once the body is ready, we need to dress the teddy. For the clothes I tinted gum paste with blue color. Roll the gum paste into sausage and cut to make the legs of the teddy bear.
  • Now using the tool shown in the picture make a cone shaped model. This creates the opening of the pants.

  • Now make feet by shaping them as shown in the picture with the gum paste we set aside first. Poke small holes to make toes

  • Brush some Tylo glue and stick the pants and feet in place. You can make tylo glue at home following this recipe.
  • Make details using a pointed knife. 
  • Now lets complete the teddy bear with the T-shirt finally.
  • Roll white gum paste very thin and cut into a rectangular shape using knife. Make two slits. Small slit for the collar and a longer one for the shirt’s end and shape as shown.
  • Now glue it in place using Tylo glue, do not bend much and use more glue to stick the back.
  • 6
  • Finally make hands following the instructions for feet.
  • Glue the hands to the body. Add details on the shirt. We are almost done
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    • Connect the head using cocktail stick. See the post Teddy Bear to make the head

    Thanks Cath what a lovely tutorial

    A few of my favorite projects by Cath:

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    Clown Theme
    The post has been truncated for copyright safety. Thank you so much for understanding! “This post first appeared on Craftionary.net”

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    8 responses to “Guest Post- Teddy and shirt tutorial”

    1. noya says:

      thank you..this is great…

    2. CathJ says:

      Thanks Hani.. ^_^

    3. Thats cutest … thanks for sharing Hani…

    4. petite hermine says:

      Your origami post has been featured in my sunday linky! Check it out here 🙂 http://petitehermine.blogspot.com/2011/02/sunday-linky-party-4-goodies.html

    5. Stacey says:

      Newest Follower!
      <3 your blog!
      Stopping by from:

      I hope you will follow me back 🙂
      I have some great giveaways going right now!

    6. So adorable! Thank you!

    7. Hi Hani

      This is a real cool cake – you must love teddy bears as much as we do.


    8. Cheap Flights to Sydney says:

      Hey Hani What a great work man ! I love your post !

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    Guest Post- Teddy and shirt tutorial

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