Guest Post- Summer Garden Flag (Muslin and Ruffles)

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Hello All! I’m Jennifer of Vintage Gwen. Today I want to share an easy Summer Garden Flag. I’m so excited and honored to be here today!  I’m a stay at home mom to a handsome 20 month old boy, a wife, daughter, sister, friend, baker, crafter, makeup and music lover and in February a blogger!  I entered blogland searching for 1st Birthday party ideas and discovered a whole new world! And much like a lot of other bloggin’ lovelies I thought “I could do that!”.
Vintage Gwen is where I share things I make and things I like…My Show and Tell.  It’s all about inspiration!  I’m truly amazed at all the inspiration there is and enjoy all of the creativity we share with each other!

DIY Summer Garden Flag

Now burlap is very popular and I have made 2 burlap flags already.  So, I thought it time for a change and turned to muslin and ruffles.


  • 1/2 yard of Muslin
  • Fabrics to make ruffles…scraps, if long enough, would be perfect
  • Hot glue gun
  • Freezer paper or stencil
  • Paint-I used Folk Art Acrylic Paint in Metallic Rose
  • Paint brush or sponge Acrylic sealer


Started by using a store bought flag to measure and allowed about an inch for seams.  I left the muslin folded so it would be double thickness and one less edge to ‘hem’.  It’s not as long as the store bought flag but that’s okay.

Make ruffles

Ironed the sides of the muslin to have a guide to ‘hem’.  Folded the top down long enough to form a loop.
Then I hot glued the sides of the muslin down and glued the sides of the loop at the top.  At the bottom, I folded the sides in….as shown below:
Now we have a blank canvas!  At this point you can gussy this up any way you want!

Cut 3 strips of fabric, about 3 inches wide by 25 inches long.  (the flag is 12 1/2 inches wide so I doubled it) I used 2 hot pink and 1 yellow ribbon as these speak fun summer colors to me!

Using my sewing machine set with the stitch length on the longest setting, I sewed down the middle of each strip. I pulled the bobbin thread (the thread under neath) to ruffle fabric to the length of the flag, tied the threads in a knot at each end and their my ruffled fabric ribbons are complete
Then I hot glued the ruffles on to the flag, starting at the bottom. You could also sew them on, your choice!
Then I chose a font on‘Big Top’ was pleasing so right from my computer screen I traced a ‘W’ onto a piece of freezer paper. Using your house number would be really cute too! With the help of an xacto knife I traced inside the ‘W’ to form stencil.

Paint monogram

Next, iron on the stencil with a dry hot iron. (I’m amazed that freezer paper does this!!)
Paint it away! Once it dries, spray with an acrylic sealer.
And I am now proudly displaying my new summery flag!
to keep my flags from blowing away (yes I have lost one!) I used a stationary clip. It does the job!
Thanks so much Hani for the opportunity to share this project with your readers! I count it an honor!
That is so cute Jen. You have inspired me to make a summer flag for my home too. 🙂
Thanks for being here.
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The post has been truncated for copyright safety. Thank you so much for understanding! “This post first appeared on”. You will also like make birdhouses garden projects.

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  1. iram says:

    thats so cute 🙂
    hani please visit my blog to accept a blog award i have forwarded to you

  2. Tamela says:

    That flag is adorable! What a cute idea. I just recently purchased my first sewing machine and I need easy ideas to help get me started. This looks so doable!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Thanks again lady!!

  4. Rissa @ Hazel and Honeysuckle says:

    Gorgeous Jennifer! I like the idea of doing your house number too.

  5. Karen says:

    Love the ruffles! Great job:)

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