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Do you enjoy making flowers?
I bet your going to love making stocking nylon flowers as much as I do. Nylon Flowers are making their way back to popularity. I love this craft, it’s so much fun, easy and safe.
nylon flower craft

Nylon Flower Craft Books

At New sheer you will find everything you need for Nylon Flowers Craft.
They premiere in nylon flower craft supplies, tutorials, books and videos.
You can buy them from there website at a good price.
The possibilities with nylon craft are limited only by your imagination.
nylon flower craft
New Sheer Creations, sent me the most amazing treasure I had been longing to have. The handmade nylon stocking flowers books.
Believe me when I say, these books are ideal for beginners as well as skilled artisans.
I had been trying my hand at this craft, because I am totally obsessed with it’s possibilities.
If you have been here for a while, you would be knowing about the nylon flowers I have made.
Through these two books I have learnt great techniques.
And detailed construction of over 80 different flowers with clear crisp pictures and step-by-step guide to making each flower.
I simply can’t wait to get started on some wonderful ideas these books have to offer.
Honestly, I can spend days scrolling through and looking at the pictures.
It was so much fun.
I can not chose which one to make next, their is a huge collection of ideas.
You can find details on both:
The Art of Handmade Flowers and A Complete Guide to Nylon Flowers Making
Just so you know, I have been using supplies for making nylon flowers myself from New Sheer.
And I am very satisfied with the quality of their supplies and right on time delivery services.
nylon flower craft
Now for the part we all were waiting for..
Newsheer is giving away 
One book and/or 3 videos of your choice to
2 Winners
You get it right! There are going to be 2 winners for this giveaway
  • Your choice book  (For U.S residents)
  • Your choice 3 video tutorials (Everywhere else)
Here’s how YOU can Win:
(GIVEAWAY is closed)
**Also Take advantage of the 30% off  at New Sheer

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