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Make a Beaded Thread Eid Mubarak Card

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We try to teach our kids customs and traditions through simple acts of kindness and love in the month of Ramadan and Eid. What is more gratifying then card making for your friends and family. Make a handmade DIY Eid Card for grandparents with your kids and show them love they will cherish. This idea is also great for Ramadan and Eid decorations using beaded thread and sewing stitch.

Beautiful Eid Mubarak wishes or Ramadan Mubarak greetings using thread, beads and lacing card technique. This is a kid’s friendly craft, but adult supervision may be required based on kid’s age.


Eid Mubarak Card

Thread Eid Mubarak Card

Let’s get started. You can also follow the video tutorial to DIY thread card making for Eid Mubarak or Ramadan Mubarak message.

Card Making Supplies:

We will need:

Kids friendly needle (normally made of plastic) or a basic needle.


– Something to poke holes like a skewer stick for larger holes if kids are sewing, or a basic needle for adults.

– Beads – you can choose your colors and designs. So many creative beads are available, I am using pure white pearl beads.

– Thread – You can use contrasting colors so the pattern strikes out on your background. I am using dull gold thread.

Blank White Cards, Cardstock or a thick paper (if making a wall decoration for Ramadan or Eid) in color of your choice.

Posca pens


Card making supplies

Thread Eid Card Instructions:

This tutorial is for making handmade greeting card for Eid Mubarak Wishes. However, this will also make a cute Ramadan decoration or Eid wall decor.

Trace your design

Think about a design you will like to thread and bead. For this eid card draw a crescent moon and star on your paper with a pencil for guideline. You can use a bowl to draw two adjacent curves and connect them at the corners to make the moon. For the star I just free hand draw it.

You can also find template for a basic moon and star shape that you can easily print and cutout to trace a need outline.

Draw dots to poke holes

Now draw dots on your outline to guide where your will poke holes for sewing your design.

Poke holes for beaded and threaded card art

Now with the help of a needle poke holes through the dots. Make sure you have enough holes to make a pretty design. This is where you will need to assist your child.


Scrapbook paper for background

It’s always fun to add pretty scrapbook designs and patterns. I love using beautiful papers that are easily available in craft stores like Michaels, Dollar Tree and even Amazon. Glue a scrapbook paper on top of your blank card using glue stick.

You may need to poke the dots again if you prefer to sew on the front side of the card.

Thread card and add beads

Make a knot at the end of the thread to ensure it is secure. Now use a thread and pass it through the hole from the back side (inside of your card). Place a bead on your needle before you pass it through the hole on the front of your card so that it stays between the two dots. Continue threading through the holes and add a bead every time.


Notice that you will be sewing this pattern backwards. See the video for more details.

There are so many ways to be creative with this design. You can try a variety of patterns, different colors of thread, different designs of beads and even fun embroidery stitches to fill the paper. A cute cross stick or fishtail stitch will look creative.

This is a simple design which is ideal for kids to try:

– An outline of the star with single bead between each set of dots.

– A stripe moon with increasing number of beads as the moon gets wider at the center. This one shades the moon from inside.

Paint and write your Eid greetings

You can choose a dark background or paint one using foam brush to make your design more vibrant. A simple blank white paper with bright colored thread will be an elegant choice as well.

Now write Eid Mubarak or Ramadan Mubarak with your message inside.

I love how the blank acrylic paint and white pen made the starry night sky stand out. This will make your moon and star pop out on the greeting card.

This craft has so many possibilities with material you already have at home. You can add foam stars, stickers, wood cutouts, or sprinkle glitter. Use fun craft supplies from dollar store. Make other shapes like a Turkish lantern, mosque (masjid), tasbeeh (tasbih) with beads for Eid-ul-Fitr, hands for prayers, or even a sheep for Eid-ul-Adha for example.

I hope you enjoyed this simple and cool Ramadan craft.

Last year I shared Easy DIY Ramadan Decor. You will love the free Ramadan printable and you can find more ideas for Ramadan and Eid decorations.

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