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Guest Post- Wooden Headboard Design-Embroidery (Tutorial)

Hello I’m Paola at JananapaI have a workshop where I love to make bags using my own fabric and also enjoy working with wood. I have two blogs, one where I share my life, my dreams, inspiration, curiosity and my favorite things, Jananapa and the other is dedicated to my country, Abiddamia.
You are welcome in my small space. I write in Italian but you can use the translator to read.

I want to introduce to you my latest creation which I created using the remains of the wooden floor of my bedroom.

And here is the view of the headboard with  bedding, decorative pillows and the chandelier.
 I love to look around wonderful blogs for inspiration and maybe last year I found this beautiful image.
 Then I remodeled my house by wooden floors, which I then painted white, but I have not embroidered as pictured. And for a long time I thought about what to do with broken pieces, and then I decided to make the headboard. I put together some pieces, I cut all the same, smooth, and I transferred the design of the holes using a drill machine.
 Once I was done with drilling holes, I passed the rope through the holes just like you embroidery on the fabric. When I was done it looked like this:
 Finally I painted it white using a waterborne paint and waxed it well. You can also paint the board and then embroidery the rope through the holes for a more impacting look.
 The final result looks amazing in my room. I hope you like it, and I realized I enjoy watching a lot of satisfaction in my bedroom.
Hani thank you so much for having me in your fantastic blog that I follow for many months and where I find lots of inspiration for my work.
Thanks so much for amazing idea Paola.

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10 responses to “Guest Post- Wooden Headboard Design-Embroidery (Tutorial)”

  1. janana says:

    che bello!!!!!!!! grazie grazie grazie.
    you made me feel so much happier
    ciao Paola

  2. Love says:

    Hello Hani you love to reading comments but i love you :p when i see you picture then i feel something in my heart i really love you

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  4. dovetail jig reviews says:

    It sure looks easy to do that headboard. How long did it took you to finish this one?

  5. BMO Online Banking says:

    Looks pretty nice.

  6. eda says:

    Ovo izgleda odli?no!!!
    Sve pohvale, pozdrav iz Hrvatske:)

  7. Hannah says:

    gorgeous!!! i wish i was crafty.

  8. MiniBinoy says:

    very useful post Hani

  9. Pearl says:

    Love wooden headboards! that one looks amazing!

  10. This looks very good and easy to make! Great post! Thx a lot

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Guest Post- Wooden Headboard Design-Embroidery (Tutorial)

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