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Vibrant Eid money tags free printable

With Ramadan swiftly drifting pass us, Eid will be upon us soon. So, I decided to share cute printable gift tags (also known as Eid‚ money tags printable) in cool and vibrant colors to match the warmth summer has to offer! Eid money (or Eidi) is the essence of excitement for kids and a token of love and affection by adults. Whether you like to give money or any other form of gift, these vibrant gift tags are perfect to add that little detail to your packaging. You can print and glue them on an envelope or pass a thread through it and hang on a gift bag.‚ Give Eidi to kids in any envelopes this Eid and make them presentable with vibrant Eid money tags. Simple and perfect for Eid with traditional “Eid Mubarak” text.

Eid money tags free printable are available in six cool and vibrant colors and are perfect for Eid gifts and Eid envelopes


Eid Money Tags


Print and download Eid money free tags


These printables are for personal use only.


I find printing Eid money envelopes inconvenient and expensive. As one has to buy cardstock and print individual envelopes that then require folding and pasting to prepare each single sleeve. Instead buying prepared envelopes is much efficient. That’s where these Eid money tags can be used to turn any envelope or simple gift bag into occasional and thoughtful one, instantly.


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Vibrant Eid money tags free printable

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