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What’s up with me…

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Hello! I have been wanting to share some insights before I restart blogging again. I don’t know where to start as I generally have a hard time sharing stories from my life.



But I’ll give it a try!




I am going to make craftionary more interactive and not just a blog where I share ideas.

I’ll be sharing tid bits from my life also. I decided to do this, because I would love to learn and implement positive things in my life.

I believe no one is perfect and that by sharing my views I can also receive your views, which to me are very important!


I am generally a very shy person and have hard time interacting. But I think it’s worth a try, and I might be able to get out of my comfort zone.

So from now on, no more disappearance without a note!


… What was then!


Since almost 8 months I am not doing anything blog related… Honestly, I was not able to manage family, life, home and blog all together. My 9th month of pregnancy was driving me insane, so I finally dropped blogging out of my to-do list. And a stop to my forever wild creative thoughts, was just the relaxation I needed!


Since then everything felt easier, I had time to breathe and waste! Which felt amazing…


Thankful, happy and something more…


On Valentines day ( Yes, a reason to celebrate this day, finally! ) our second baby was born. It was a beautiful, and it was snowing that day.

He was an adorable baby, but colic. And my first one was pretty much disturbed by this new addition.

I think you get the picture!


In all I finally decided to go to my parents home in summer vacations so my first one doesn’t feel left out or not being loved in simple words.

By the time things got a little under control, I was constantly being motivated by my family to give blogging a chance. Especially, my husband, who knows better than anyone that I am passionate about doing this! But I was giving up on it, only because it consumes me.


taking time to live life will only inspire your work 

… What’s next!


After much positive reinforcement I took this plunge. With a strong decision to keep things slow. And not blog as if there is no tomorrow!

So with that said I have no idea what I’ll do next! Because when I blog my heart keeps asking for more…

So I will keep pulling myself back from writing something new everyday… Atleast until my kids are big enough to eat and sleep by themselves.

Which also clearly means I am opting out of link party. (Oh! Kill a joy… But once again family first)


And last but not the least…


On the blog related note, I have been crafting and decorating my home.

I couldn’t shut my inner self totally down…

Which is my 3rd home in 6 years!

And the first one I ever focused on from the decorating perspective.


And we are again looking for a new home. Preferably a house! Which will be a first.

I am very excited about decorating it. But also concerned about the differences of living in a condo and a house.

Shoveling the snow.. controlling the temperature.. waiting for a week to have our trash picked up.. what else!

Anyone with similar experience? I would love to hear from you!


Oh and the blog…. I refreshed the look again. : )

Enough said! I’ll be sharing some new projects soon.


Take care and Stay in touch!


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Hi, I’m Hani

I’m a mom of 2 decorating and soulfully designing our home. I love to share crafts and simple ideas for home and garden.

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  1. Donna Wilkes says:

    I am so glad to hear from you. I was worried when you seemed to disappear into thin air. Take time and blog when you can. I am looking forward to your new crafts.

  2. helen says:

    You have to take care of your self and family in order to do your pleasure of work you Love..do it at your pace and I’m sure all of the Web are with you.

  3. Sharon B. says:

    Hani! I was so glad you stopped my blog today and I thought I’d hop over here to see if you were back, and you are! Very nice to see you again. I completely understand the need for a blogging break, you have been very busy! Congratulations on your valentines baby and for taking the time to just be with your family. I have not been blogging as much this year as I had before and hope to be back a little more regularly too. I think the way you are approaching it with your busy life and family is healthy, and we are happy to see you back! Sharon

  4. Welcome back! Following your heart & dreams and at a pace that works for your family is always a good thing. And congrats on your new little bundle of love.

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