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Cereal in a cup – a proposal to cereal industries

Cereal in a cup DO NOT COPY, EDIT, SAVE OR PASTE THIS IMAGE. COPYRIGHT OF CRAFTIONARY.NET   A few days ago I read an article in the Toronto Star newspaper about consumer behaviour related to food consumption and I found it very interesting. It actually prompted me to realized why so many cereal boxes are […]

Easy Arctic animal seal craft

Popsicle sticks seal craft

Following the series of Arctic and Antarctic animal crafts for kids, I am sharing easy seal craft today. Make a cute popsicle sticks seal craft with your children. An easy project that can be displayed on magnetic board/ fridge using a magnet disc on the back or hung on display using a string.   Arctic […]

Superhero Birthday Party (free printables)

DIY superhero birthday party

I am so excited to share my boy’s fifth Superhero birthday party. The party was based on the avengers theme and includes free printables. I love to create easy projects to decorate, so I came up with these ideas. The kids loved playing pretend superheroes and saving the world from the bad guys (villains) with […]

What’s up with me…

Hello! I have been wanting to share some insights before I restart blogging again. I don’t know where to start as I generally have a hard time sharing stories from my life.     But I’ll give it a try!   First…   I am going to make craftionary more interactive and not just a […]


Our family has been blessed with a second baby boy on February 14, 2014. Our family is so excited about this addition. 🙂   My pre-schooler and brand new baby are keeping my hands full. I may not be able to party with you all every Thursday for a few weeks, as much as I […]

Thursday Weekly Creative and Features {12/12}

Thursday link party

Hello Everyone! Welcome to “The Weekly creative” party.     The Thursdays Weekly Creative   Now instead of linking up at six different blogs. You can simply link up with any of your favorite blog and make up the link list at all. Isn’t that amazing!   Let’s start today’s party with some of the highlights from last […]

Quick Recipes

Click on the link below the image to view the recipe Baked Chicken with ketchup and onions Coffee cheesecake Tiramisu Quick raisin doughnuts White chocolate lollipops Caramel creams Lemon coconut icing Baked chicken tikka The post has been truncated for copyright safety. Thank you so much for understanding! “This post first appeared on Craftionary.net”

Paper tutorials

Click on the link below the image to see the tutorial Different and rare envelope design Welcome summers with tulips Gifts made exclusive with Origami Bow for gifts Organize craftily with origami Easy flower paper craft Origami box Pencil holder The post has been truncated for copyright safety. Thank you so much for understanding! “This […]

Floral Tutorials

Click on the link below the image to see the tutorial Nylon Sunflower Tutorial Butterflies for Girls Nylon Tulips Fresh Roses are Red  Spring time Hibiscus pink Pretty little Pansies Poinsettia Christmas celebration   Accessories Nylon Daisies  Nylon Calla Lily Nylon Lilium Decor Dahlia tutorial   Water lily at home Felwort tutorial and flower arrangement  Nylon Wedding Lily  […]