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Quick No Sew Cute Lace Bow (Tutorial)- Guest Post

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Super easy NO SEW Lace Bow made with fabric lace piece and glue.
lace bow
Hi everyone!! I am so excited to be over here today! I’m Ashley, the one behind Cherished Bliss.

I am a stay at home mom to the two most beautiful kids ever and am married to the best husband in the world (I know.. I’m lucky) : )! My family is truly my inspiration for all that I do! 

Over at my blog you will find a collection of home decor, sewing projects, furniture redoing, and basically anything else I can get my hands on. Also have an etsy store, where I sell photo props and patterns! Love crocheting, and am trying to build up some crochet patterns for the store. I have a new one coming out soon! 

Today I am going to show you how to make you or your little girl a super easy NO SEW Lace Bow
You can make this in about the time it takes for your hot glue gun to warm up! That’s my kind of accessory! 

Lace bow tutorial

no sew lace bow tutorial
{Here is what you will need}  
– Scrap piece of knit fabric (even an old t shirt will work) – Scrap piece of lace – Headband of your choice (I used fold over elastic) – Hot glue gun
1. Cut out a rectangle from the lace and make it the width you want depending on who you are making it for. Then cut out a piece of knit fabric the same width, but make it a little taller than the lace. Lay them on top of each other.
2. Tear of a thin strip of your knit fabric and tie it around the middle of your fabric. 
tie center
3. Wrap the ends around the center until you get it the size you want, then glue it down in the back. 
wrap around glue
4. Next take the elastic for your headband and cut it about 2 inches shorter than the measurement around your head (or whoever you are making it for) Overlap the ends and glue it together. 
5. Glue your bow right on top of where you glued the headband together. 
5. You can add some felt if you want, but the fold over elastic is pretty soft so I didn’t.
(If I would have used the skinny elastic I would have to secure it a little better.)

No Sew Lace Bow

make lace bow
So easiest bow ever right? 
These would make super awesome gifts for any little girl who doesn’t mind a bow in her hair. I have to say I put this on my daughter the other night and it is the first time she left it in there since she first learned how to take it out! I was one happy mama!!
Even though she wore it, she wasn’t very happy for the pictures. I have just learned how to hide the tears!
No Sew Lace Bow 1
A HUGE thank you to Hani for having me over today! It was awesome being here! I’d love for you to stop by my blog and say HI!
Thanks so much Ashley for sharing this cute bow tutorial.
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  1. Kassi Mortensen says:

    That's very pretty! Love the lace! Loving your new look too Hani!!

  2. Cherished Bliss says:

    Thanks so much for having me Hani!

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