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Guest Post- Thrift Store Decoration (Before and After)

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Hi Everyone!

I am Desiree from The 36th Avenue.

I am so excited to be visiting here today… thank you Hani for the chance to hang out at your blog with your sweet readers….
If you should know something about me is that I love to go thrifty shopping…I have people asking me all the time “How do you always find such good deals?”Well… I think it has something to do with the fact that I see things not as they are but as how they could become…Let me introduce you to Miss Lovely.

I found her at a Thrift Store just a few weeks ago… covered in dust
 and with a sticker that said $4.99 on it.
I’ve been looking for a bust figure for sometime so when
I found this one I knew she had to come  home with me.
It took just three simple steps to give Miss Lovely a makeover…
First take away all the unwanted layers…

2nd. My original thought was after removing the ugly sticks from the base,

 to bleach the fabric… because I love roses. Trust me I tried to do it BUT it didn’t work… for some reason it wouldn’t bleach. My spontaneous plan B was to paint the fabric. So  I did. First black…

and after ivory…
I loved how some of the back came through the lighter paint.

Third… It was time to put some of the original embellishments back… They are so cute!

?So are you ready  to see the transformation process…?

She went from Miss Lovely to Miss Fabulous Chic 😉

 and from a forgotten shelf at Goodwill to the front table at the entrance of my home

…yep! she is lovely?

So how do you find a good deal? I believe that behind any ordinary thing there is an extraordinary treasure.Sometimes we need to remove the layers… Sometimes we have to fail in our first try to become or make things better, to realize that perhaps things or even us don’t belong in the pile of unwanted things… So don’t let the good deals in life go by in front of you because they didn’t look that good at first sight!look again… look at the possibilities… have a plan Band make the ordinary EXTRAORDINARY;)

Superb Desiree! That’s really an extraordinary makeover you gave to Miss Lovely.
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Enjoy the Ride

Go check her out. She is a creative Genius..

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  1. Desiree @ The 36th Avenue says:

    Thank you so much for having me… I just posted this on my FB page and a link to it on my blog. Have an EXTRAORDINARY weekend 😉

  2. Jen-CraftOManiac says:

    LOVE IT DES. so darn cute. Everything you do is. winks-jen

  3. Jennifer says:

    Wow! Amazing!

  4. Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk says:

    Oh wow, I love that! A good friend of mine has been wanting something like this. I never thought to check thrift stores!

  5. Evelene S says:

    Desiree is so talented. Thanks for sharing her talent here.

  6. Tini A. says:

    Wooohoooo…. What a great work!!!! I Love it! Great photos… thanks for sharing!

  7. Handyman says:

    wow! great designs and awesome color combinations.Everything is just looking beautiful. All I can say is that I am so amazed and it is really really good. All in all this is a dream home for everyone.

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