25 Rainbow food recipes for St Patricks

Rainbow food or Rainbow recipes  Who doesn’t like colors in food!

So, I am sharing 25 Rainbow food recipes for St Patricks day

This Irish Holiday is so fascinating for kids  With pot of gold, rainbows and more

Be ready! There are going to be lots of WOW moments today


You already love the popular rainbow cakes

Now get ready for rainbow jellos, rainbow cookies, rainbow spaghetti and even rainbow pizza


rainbow food


25 Rainbow Food Recipes


I really love this quote:


rainbow recipes


Let’s start this colorful roundup  I am so excited:


rainbow cake

Colorful Rainbow Cake made for blog party using sixlets and candy sprinkles

Sixlets Rainbow Cake


rainbow cake

Rainbow birthday cake decorated with long ribbons of fondue  And topped with fondue balls


rainbow food

What’s not to love! Rainbow lollipops, candies, drinks and jello

Check out more pictures of this Rainbow party here


rainbow food rainbow recipes

Rainbow krispy squares  Made with butter, marshmallow and Fruity pebbles cereal

(My favorite)

Rainbow squares


rainbow cupcakes recipes

These cupcakes are made from a box  And decorated with rainbow marshmallows

Double rainbow cupcakes


rainbow food

Real fun rainbow jello  Made with colorful jello  Chilled and set at each stage

Taste the rainbow jello


rainbow cookies

Bake rainbow cookies for St Patricks

How we love to eat cookies with milk

Bake rainbow cookies


rainbow food

Looking for a non-sweet, low calories rainbow recipe?

You can go meat or veggies with these rainbow noodles  Tons of recipes to go with rainbow spagetti

Color them in individual cups  More on rainbow pasta here


rainbow cookies

Another cute rainbow cookie for St Patricks

Bake this adorable rainbow cookie  Meant to surely make those pretty faces smile!

Rainbow cookies


rainbow fruits

Rainbow fruits on the stick  Kids are sure to love fruit skewers  Aren’t they?


rainbow pancakes

And here’s a fun breakfast recipe for St Patricks

Serve the fruit skewers with rainbow pancakes  Yum! Yum!

Rainbow pancakes


rainbow cake pops

 Make rainbow cake pops  Great as favors

We made these in rainbow colors  And coated them with pink icing  For a baby girl’s shower

Rainbow cake pops


rainbow pizza

Let’s break the calories again, shall we? ;-)

A great idea  Bake rainbow pizza  Cut the dough in the rainbow shape  And top it with your favorite veggies

Rainbow pizza


rainbow ruffles

What? Ruffles and Rainbow  Super amazing!

Decorate your cake with colorful icing  Have fun making ruffles on your cake

Ruffle Birthday Cake


jello rainbow

Jello shots made with molds  And cherry on the top

Rainbow Jello Shots


rainbow food

I love this rainbow jello made in a mold

I could not find the source to credit  But I wanted to share this idea!


rainbow favors

Bake rainbow cakes in a jar for St Patricks

These make great party favors

Rainbow cake in a jar


rainbow ice cream

Rainbow snow cone  Or rainbow shave ice

Both are acceptable terms for this fun rainbow ice cone

Think about all the flavors you can enjoy!

Rainbow snow cone


rainbow recipes

Bake rainbow cubes for St Patricks

Rainbow cubes


rainbow hearts

Rainbow hearts cut from fondue

Rainbow heart cake


rainbow sugar

Make rainbow sugar cubes with sugar, water and color

Sugar cubes


rainbow treats

Apply icing on the cones  And dip them in sprinkles  Fill them up with your favorite candies

Some ideas are worth sharing

If you find the source let me know!


rainbow chocolates

Make a colorful rainbow candy gift


rainbow st patricks

And last but not the least  Two St Patricks in a jar gift ideas

Fill the mason jars with coins, skittles and marshmallows

How colorful and lovely!

St Patricks Jars


rainbow st patricks

 These will make beautiful party favors as well

Bake rainbow oreo cookies  And rolos to represent pot of gold

Rainbow cookies


I hope these ideas made your day,

Extra Colorful!


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Oreo pudding pie with cream

(You can shape it as a clover, see how!)

Oreo pudding pie


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