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April fools day breakfast ideas

Today’s morning was fun at our place. I came up with the most delicious breakfast ever!

Yep! Made with special ingredients for April Fools Day.  ; )


All you need is some paper. And no time at all.

Here are a few ideas for a morning laugh.


April fools day breakfast


April Fools Day Breakfast


april fools day coffee

April Fools Day Coffee

The world’s most wanted morning coffee.

Cut “C” and “O” out of  paper. Put them inside the cup. And write your fee for this expensive coffee.

Wrap it and place on the plate. You can go more realistic with the fee, if you like.

I love it the creative way!


april fools day tea

April Fools Day Tea

The world’s yet another wanted idea. Morning tea.

Made with the secret ingredient “T”.


april fools day bread

April Fools Day Bread

Nothing beats a delicious red “B” in the morning. Bread served with your favorite recipe.


april fools day cereal

April Fools Day Cereal

All you need is milk and breakfast is serve.  Your favorite C-real in your favorite bowl.


april fools day apples

April Fools Day Apples

And last but not the least.

I found this unique Apple today. Have you ever seen a pink apple?

Well here it is.

Pink A-pill. ; )


I hope you all enjoyed these cute breakfast ideas.

Have some fun and laugh with your family and friends.


And finally the idea that inspired me to come up with these.

april fools day brownie

Found via Pinterest.


~ It’s also fun to rub some Vaseline on the bathroom knobs. See what happens!

~ Another fun idea is to serve cold breakfast.

~ It also occurred to me, you can refrigerate socks for the morning.

~ If you have a deep sleeper at home. Try painting their nails when they are sleeping.

~ Set the clock one hour forward, and shock your family by being late in the morning (while in reality you are still on time).

~ Wind a rubber band around the faucet. See what happens when the water spray aims at their face.

For more funny pranks go here.

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April fools day breakfast ideas

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