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What I do with Craftionary’s Earning:


I am very happy about how Craftionary has evolved over two years.  The initial year I didn’t make anything, I never even covered my craft supplies expense.  At the start of 2012 my husband told me to blog as a hobby and not take it professionally.  And since then it’s only a hobby blog. Luckily at the end of 2012 I had made some little profit.


So, I decided to use a little of it in moving my blog to WordPress. And all the rest I gave in charity.


I can not tell you how I feel about working everyday sharing creative ideas, just to know that this blog at the end of the year will help people.  People who don’t have any place to sleep and don’t even know if tomorrow they will have money to even live.  Kids who don’t have anyone to call family and kids who want to study and want a good future.  I am going to continue to help people with the money I make from Craftionary.  I don’t have millions of dollars, but I am positive about my little help!




HELLO! I am Hani.

I am from South Asia.  A girl who’s first trip out of the Country was to Toronto, Canada after getting married.

I was exposed to an entirely different World from my own.

I volunteered in a non-profit organization to help new immigrants live a better life.

We moved to USA where my husband did his residency.

It’s the same year our little bundle of joy was born.

After that we moved back to Canada.

update: We now have two little bundles of joy. Two boys whom I love dearly.

Life was busy until things got back on track.  And I started utilizing my leisure hours creatively.

I was suggested by my husband to start a blog.  And that’s what led to this new fun and happening world.

 This blog seems like my third child, sometimes.  (Ha Ha!)


A few random things about me: 


  • I am 5’10” tall.
  • Lefty (write with left hand).
  • I can never sleep while watching a movie.
  • I can pass my day listening to my favorite songs.
  • I can talk forever and not feel sleepy with my best friends.
  • I am a dessert-aholic beyond limits.
  • I have to complete what I start, I can not rest till it’s done.  Makes me a crazy work-aholic
  • I need to organize things more than decorate anytime.
  • I am not lazy but there’s something about house work I don’t understand.
  • I suck at starting a conversation.
  • I have a bad habit of thinking too much. I am always in a fight with myself to relax those nerves.
  • I LOVE to play a Guitar.
  • I LOVE to travel.
  • I enjoy shopping but I can control my wants. (Feels like a super power sometimes!)
  • I LOVE pets. (Love birds, gold fishes, ducks, pigeons and rabbits are what I had when I was young)
  • Gardening is a new addition to my hobbies.  I am learning. I have hope!



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~I love this quote:~


“Imagination is more important than knowledge  Knowledge is limited  Imagination encircles the world ”





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