20 Best Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Are we ready for some Spring Cleaning?

Let’s start with the Kitchen  I am sharing 20 Kitchen cleaning tips today

Easy and quick ways to clean your Kitchen


kitchen cleaning tips

So let’s get started with:


20 Kitchen Cleaning Tips




A great detailed article to help you clean your dishwasher

See how simple things (like vinegar and baking soda) are magical for cleaning

How to clean your Dishwasher?


clean sponges

We all know how gross sponges get while lying flat on the counter

Use binder clips to keep it standing  It air dries much quicker and lasts longer

Clean Sponges


clean stove burners

Our lives are going to be so easy with this cleaning tip

Simply seal the burners in ammonia fumes (not soak)  The ammonia fumes dissolves hardened oil and grease

No scrub stove burner cleaning


kitchen cleaning tips

Tips to keep laminate floors clean  And maintain the high gloss of laminate flooring

Cleaning laminate floors


tarnish cleaning

A simple chemical reaction can remove the tarnish naturally

Sprinkle baking soda on tarnished utensils  And pour boiling water over it

Let them soak in water for a while  Buff with a soft cotton cloth later

Tarnish cleaning


bottle cleaning

Clean long neck bottles and apothecary jars  An easy solution!

Fill the bottle with bottle  And drop a tablet or two of denture cleaner  (like Efferdent!)

Leave it overnight  And scrub with a nylon brush

Cleaning bottles


cleaning burnt pans

Soak the burnt pan in a magical solution overnight

Baking soda, vinegar and water  A perfect solution for burnt pans

Cleaning burnt pans


cleaning dishes

Remove scratch marks from your dishes

Cleaning dishes


cleaning stove

Cleaning stove

Apply a thin layer of car wax  And wipe it off

It prevents future spills to stick hard to the stove  And makes it easy to clean


 kitchen deodorizer

Deodorize smelly jars

Deodorize smelly glass jars with mustard  Wash the jars with 1 teaspoon powder of mustard in water


 vanilla freshener

Vanilla as Freezer Freshener

 Wipe your freezer with a extract dampened cotton pad


coffeemaker cleaning

Cleaning coffeemaker or tea kettle

Use vinegar and water to clean coffeemaker  (or tea kettle)

Follow by several cycles of water to rinse


clean cutting boards

Clean your cutting board

Use lemons to remove stains from wood and plastic cutting boards

Squeeze, rub and let it sit for 20 minutes  Rinse

Now enjoy your house smelling like lemons  Rather than chemicals!

clean dishwasher

Cleaning dishwasher

Run an empty circle of dishwasher with lemonade Kool-Aid  (in the detergent cup)

It will clean lime deposits and iron stains


kitchen cleaning tips

Use plastic bags to peel vegetables and fruits  (Instead of cutting boards or sink)

Just toss it into the trash bag when you are done


kitchen cleaning tips

Cleanup an egg spill by sprinkling salt over the mess

Wait for two minutes  And wipe it up


cleaning cups

Make a paste of baking soda and water

Apply it on discolored tea cups and teapots

Gently rub it to remove stains


cleaning refrigerator

Use newspaper as refrigerator drawer liners

Newspapers absorb odor from vegetables


faucet cleaning

Rub the faucet with a piece of wax paper to clean water spots




cleaning microwave

Steam clean your microwave 

Add 1 cup of vinegar to 1 cup of hot water  Microwave it for 10 minutes

Cleaning microwave


I hope you enjoyed these kitchen cleaning tips


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  1. This is very useful post, although I know baking soda uses, learned so much here.

  2. cleaner Cheltenham says:

    Nice input! I find this post really very helpful as I am looking for such easy cleaning tips from so long. I will try to implement these tips. Cleaning seems to be so daunting task but in real it is always fun and by using smart cleaning tips we can save our lots of time and money as well.

  3. Great list, thanks! Just one observation, make sure to read manufacturers instructions before cleaning any appliances such as dishwasher to make sure you don’t void warranty.

  4. Marie Blocher says:

    Tang breakfast drink was recommended for cleaning dishwashers 30 years ago. I imagine any lemonade mix would also work. it is the citric acid that does the trick.

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