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DIY Backsplash tile tray that looks expensive


DIY Backsplash tile tray that looks expensive A while ago I went to the dollarama and saw these peel and stick tiles (aka self adhesive tiles). It instantly caught my eye because it looked so luxurious and expensive but were not my choice for sticking to the wall at all!   So, I thought of […]

Embellished Handbag with Mod Melts

I am so happy to introduce a new line of Mod Podge.  Plaid’s Mod melts and mod molds. An easy and creative way to create embellishments, in any color you want in less than 10 minutes. The mod melts come in sea glass and milk glass. And you only need a glue gun to melt […]

15 Decorative DIY trays for home (tutorials)

decorative DIY trays

Decorating any space at home with trays can make all the difference. Do you agree? Add your items in a beautiful DIY tray. And there it looks much better than plain. Instead of just making decorative trays for serving.  They are used to spruce up many spaces at home now. I am sharing 15 different […]

DIY Crochet Tray tutorial (Decoupage)

DIY Crochet tray tutorial. Decoupage a crochet tray with mod podge. Today I am sharing a very simple and cute DIY tray tutorial. Make an old vintage tray look beautiful and decorative. I had this old tray that I refashioned by using mod podge and crochet mat.   Make crochet tray       DIY […]

How to stencil a decorative tray (DIY Tutorial)


How to stencil a decorative tray? I bought this wooden tray from Ikea. I have been wanting to use it on the side table. So, I came up with this tutorial. I have painted the tray a bold color on the outside. And stenciled it inside with harlequin.     One of the most enjoyed […]

Skin cleansing at home (All natural ingredients)

skin cleansing at home

You will love this skin cleansing natural remedy I am sharing today. With 5 ingredients found in your kitchen, this skin cleanser will leave your skin feel young and refreshing. I bet you already enjoy eating the ingredients of this natural skin remedy.   By apply this skin cleanser on your face, you will directly […]