25 DIY Witch Halloween Crafts and DIY Witch ideas


25 DIY witch Halloween crafts and DIY witch ideas. Today I am sharing some awesome ideas to create crafts for decorating home this Halloween. These crafts are so much fun to make. I have selected the best witch inspired Halloween ideas. I hope you will enjoy these ideas as much as I did.   Home […]

Silly ghosts garland (Crafting with kids)

silly ghosts garland

So, last weekend we made a silly ghosts garland. It’s a fun Halloween project for crafting with kids. The googly eyes and pulling cotton apart are two fun activities that involve the kid’s excitement. A very simple and easy kids craft that will only require things you already have around the house. And a good […]

DIY Pom Pom Spiders (Halloween Craft)

diy pom pom spiders

These pom pom spiders are a result of my son asking me to decorate home for Halloween. The only thing associated with this holiday that he doesn’t like are the creepy crawlies. And especially spiders! So, I thought why not make spiders that are cute. This way he can see the not so scary side […]

DIY Ghost Tutorials (Handmade Halloween Crafts)

DIY Ghost Tutorials. Do you like scary Halloween decorations or cute? You can make DIY ghosts for home decoration for Halloween both. Ghosts are so easy and fun to create. And you can simply create them with the least number of supplies. Halloween ideas are so many but I wanted to share some ghost tutorials […]