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Useful Blog Tips

Add automatic group watermarks to photos and images

add watermarks to images fast

Add automatic group watermarks to your photos and images with a click. Easy way to watermark your pictures automatically with 100% Free Watermark Software.    Watermarks are very important they help keep your content secure under your copyright and can help advertise your page. But adding a watermark to each image every time before uploading […]

Why and How to move to a Custom Domain (Blogspot)

  Did you think, why randomly one day I just changed my blog’s domain to a custom domain?   To be honest, it was just a sudden one week decision which thanks to my husband I mustered up the courage to do so! I am a Big Scary Cat when it comes to technical behind […]

Art gallery with acrylic paints

acrylic painting tips

I am sharing my art gallery with acrylic paints today. And a few tips on how I shaded the roses.   Colors are so happy and full of life. I love to have them around me when I am crafting or thinking of an idea.   Now you can not have all the colors through out […]

Natural dark circle remedies

natural dark circle remedies

Are dark circles irritating you? Then natural remedies are a good bet for you. Why? Because they have no side effects, and they are inexpensive. So, a package like this must be given a choice. The only problem is it’s natural, so it’s naturally a slower process. Give it 4-5 weeks and you will start seeing the results.   […]

Remove navigation bar from blogspot

An easy tutorial with images to guide you to remove navigation bar from blogspot blog to make your page more presentable to readers. The navigation bar may seem to be helpful for easy scrolling to the admin page but when someone visits your blog, it takes up the important header space which loads your blog […]

Homemade whitening facial (Natural remedy)

homemade whitening facial

Before you read this natural skin remedy for homemade whitening facial. I want to clarify it doesn’t have anything to do with a skin color being better than other in anyway!   This homemade whitening facial is especially recommended only for South Asians. There is a continuous urge in some women there to have a white colored skin. […]

Skin cleansing at home (All natural ingredients)

skin cleansing at home

You will love this skin cleansing natural remedy I am sharing today. With 5 ingredients found in your kitchen, this skin cleanser will leave your skin feel young and refreshing. I bet you already enjoy eating the ingredients of this natural skin remedy.   By apply this skin cleanser on your face, you will directly […]

How to get rid of split ends

get rid of split ends

  The most common problem that mostly women face  is split-ends. Now what actually causes split-ends? Split-ends are the result of damage to the tips of the hair, mostly caused by sun rays and excessive use of blow dryers, hair straighteners, hot rollers and strong chemicals. When I was in high school, I streaked my hair. It was […]

Discolored elbows and knees

discolored elbows and knees

I am sharing a very simple and quick natural remedy to cure discolored elbows and knees today.     Discolored elbows and knees   Add 1 ounce of milk to 1 squeezed lemon juice. Apply it on your elbows and knees twice a day. Let it dry and wash Apply a good moisturizer.   You […]

Add signature divider to your blog post

Signature dividers are an easy way to make an association with your readers and making them feel engaged with a writer and not only the website. Adding a signature divider to each post manually takes up time. Won’t it be great if we could just make it happen automatically. Here are a few easy to follow […]