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20 Easter homemade chocolate recipes

Easter homemade chocolate

 20 Easter Homemade Chocolate recipes. Delicious recipes to make Easter eggs at home with chocolate. Fill them up with mousse, pudding, cheesecake, candies and so much more.    

25 Rainbow food recipes for St Patricks

rainbow food

Rainbow food or Rainbow recipes. Who doesn’t like colors in food! So, I am sharing 25 Rainbow food recipes for St Patricks day. This Irish Holiday is so fascinating for kids. With pot of gold, rainbows and more. Be ready! There are going to be lots of WOW moments today.   We already love the […]

20 Green recipes for St Patricks Day

green recipes

I am sharing today some green recipes. 20 Green Recipes for St Patrick’s Day. All the things you can think about making green from: Desserts, smoothies, drinks, salads, soups and so much more.   So let’s get started with these St Patricks Day recipes.  

Best Carrot Cake (Family Recipe)

Have you ever made a carrot cake? How much do you love it! Our friend Trish made this  To-Die-For Carrot Cake for her sister’s birthday. And I love her recipe. Not only because the pictures she took are irresistible but her recipe and instructions are so easy to understand.  “Her family Carrot Cake recipe will […]

Celebrating SPRING with Colors (Party, Food and Printables)

celebrating spring party

 Celebrating Spring! There is nothing more wonderful than celebrating Spring with colors.   I came up with this fun theme for our friends party. I wanted to decorate for the party, and was pretty scared about my little one running around also. So, I came up with some simple ideas, which can be arranged at […]

Oreo Pudding Pie with COOL WHIP (Dessert Recipe)

oreo pudding pie

Today I am sharing an easy dessert recipe. This recipe has a few simple ingredients. And an easy process. It also has the potential to become your family favorite recipe. ; )   Oreo Pudding Pie     Here’s a quick dessert recipe that will have everyone guessing the things you have put into it. […]

Baked chicken with ketchup and onions

It feels like ages since I last shared a recipe of my own. But seriously, I was experimenting and I really really wanted to share this recipe for long. It tastes so good, like I mean it. The onions and ketchup marinated chicken with Chinese spices, sprinkled with parsley or coriander before serving, seems like a totally […]

Guest Post- Teddy and shirt tutorial

Hello, I am Cath from Cake By Cath Today I am sharing my teddy bear tutorial with the readers of Craftionary Knead some gum paste to soften it. When it is soft enough to mold tint it using a cocktail stick with brown food color and knead again. Now it is ready. Cut and set […]

Delicious desserts for valentines day

delicious desserts

Delicious and desserts are always together. I had been wanting to make Valentines day a fun day at home. So what if it’s a Monday! We can have an excuse to make delicious dessert anytime! ; ) We can always have special food on the table for dinner. So, while I was searching for some […]

Instant lemon coconut icing on cake

This is a very simple icing with minimal ingredients requirement. The lemon and coconut blended together gives a good sweet and sour essence. All together a good original recipe.  Note:You might be wondering about the pictures being from some other blog. Bake My Love was originally a blog started by me which then got transfered […]