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Best DIY Magnetic Boards tutorials of all time


DIY magnetic boards (Magnetic boards tutorials). Magnetic boards  are expensive if you buy them from store. So, I am sharing with you these 18 ideas to make DIY magnetic boards at home. Use magnetic sprays, magnetic paints, metallic sheets and so much more. Best DIY Magnetic Boards tutorials of all time So let’s get started […]

Painted Magnetic Board- (Easy tutorial)

painted magnetic board

I am so excited to finally share my most bragged about project. The painted magnetic board. You know how it feels when you imagine a project. And it turns out that good too. : ) I felt great when I completed this stenciled magnetic board. I coated foam board with magnetic paint. Painted it white […]

Multi task message board (DIY command center)

Today I am sharing my multi task message board. I made this command board to keep track of everything. Whether it is something important per week that needs to be done. Important bills and receipts. Plans that come to my mind regarding crafts and blog.   DIY Multi task message board     I bought […]