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25 Rainbow food recipes for St Patricks

rainbow food

Rainbow food or Rainbow recipes. Who doesn’t like colors in food! So, I am sharing 25 Rainbow food recipes for St Patricks day. This Irish Holiday is so fascinating for kids. With pot of gold, rainbows and more. Be ready! There are going to be lots of WOW moments today.   We already love the […]

25 DIY Apothecary Jars- What to Fill?

apothecary jars

 Decorating with Apothecary Jars is beautiful for homes. You can fill all sorts of great things to decorate with them. Whether at party or decorating living rooms. Organizing kitchen or making your bathroom look fabulous.   If you go buy Apothecary Jars. They are pretty expensive. I am sharing some cheap and inexpensive Apothecary Jars. Simply […]

Party and Craft ideas- Olympics 2012 (Part 2)

Our Family love Olympics Games. We are specially always looking forward to the Opening Ceremony. It is so special and unique! Do you love Olympics? What is your favorite thing about it? If you are looking for Olympic inspired kid’s approved games and activities, you can find them here.     Olympics Craft Ideas   […]

Celebrating SPRING with Colors (Party, Food and Printables)

celebrating spring party

 Celebrating Spring! There is nothing more wonderful than celebrating Spring with colors.   I came up with this fun theme for our friends party. I wanted to decorate for the party, and was pretty scared about my little one running around also. So, I came up with some simple ideas, which can be arranged at […]

DIY Chalkboard tutorial using foam boards


DIY chalkboard tutorial.  Who doesn’t love a Chalkboard at Home these days? I think, we all have chalkboard in our spaces in one way or another. For kids to play on.  For us to get organized.  Or just because we love it. I wanted to make a chalkboard for my living space for a while […]

Cardboard Cupcake stand (last minute party project)

DIY cupcake stand tutorial

Make a recycled DIY cardboard cupcake stand for displaying cupcakes in a party. This is a great idea for making a cupcake stand that can be matched with your party theme. And also be disposed after use. Easy to make and very inexpensive. Actually it will cost you nothing, as it is totally made of […]

Easter Kisses Basket (Gift Wrap Idea)

Easter Kisses Basket (Gift idea). Easter is on us soon. While Easter and spring are the most beautiful celebration. I decided to use it as the theme for my gift wrap. My wonderful friend is getting married. And I am giving her a gift of gold. So, I wrap it in colorful spring flowers. And Hershey’s kisses. […]

Toddlers Sports Theme Party (11 Great Games for Kids)

Toddlers sports theme party with 11 Great games. One of the things about living far from family is missing out on the big events. So, this year when I visited my family, we decided to throw a party celebrating his 18 months. We came up with the sports theme, because of the little guys energetic […]

Angry Birds Craft and Party ideas (tutorials)


Angry Birds Craft and party ideas. Creative fellows are making all kind of fun things and partying, inspired by the most popular game Angry Birds. Have fun scrolling down to see Angry Birds inspired outdoor games, kid’s food ideas, earrings, party ideas, magnets and so much more.     Today’s Features   Angry Birds Craft and Party […]

DIY Paper Lanterns Best Ideas for colorful and bright projects

DIY Paper Lanterns best ideas are new and fresh. These latest paper lantern ideas are one of the most elegant and sophisticated part of home decor and parties. Hang them in kids bedroom and baby nursery. Or use them to decorate for parties. I have gathered some of the best Paper Lantern ideas today. You […]