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Nylon flowers

How to make nylon flower lily


LILY the name is used chiefly for plants of the genus “Lilium” and related species but is applied also to plants of other families, e.g., the water lily and the calla lily whose blossoms closely resemble the true lilies in appearance. Lily is a plant growing from bulb and is native to the temperate northern hemisphere. There are about […]

How to make nylon flower calla lily (DIY Lily)

Make nylon flower calla lily  I love making flowers, specially for beautiful occasions. Calla Lily is widely cultivated in Africa, and is very famous because of it’s white spathe and yellow spadix. Here I went a little abstract by trying a lily in pink color. Calla Lilies bring the feeling of peace and purity due to […]

How to make nylon flower lotus

LOTUS is an aquatic plant belonging to the water lily family. It has shield-like leaves and showy, solitary flowers usually projected above the water. It has red, white, pink and yellow flowers. In Greek legend, lotus was believed to be a jujube or elm; meaning a fruit that induced the state of dreamy and contented forgetfulness […]

How to make nylon flower dahlia

How to make nylon flower dahlia? Today I am going to share a tutorial to make dahlia. You can make all kinds of flowers using nylon stocking net. For making bigger flowers, use bigger petals. For dahlia, you will need a lot of petals. Since, for making any flower you have to analyze it.    I wish […]

How to make nylon flower felwort tutorial

make nylon flower

How to make nylon flower felwort? Stocking net flowers most easiest and simple flower is this nylon felwort. If you are trying to make nylon flowers (stocking flowers) for the first time, this tutorial is just right for you. You can try to make these oval elongated petals and then simply thread them on to […]

Learn to make nylon wedding lily tutorial


Learn to make nylon wedding lily! In this post I am sharing a very simple tutorial to make a beautiful lily with nylon (stockings). This flower needs one big petal. Honestly, don’t think it’s easy, it requires some practice before you make a bigger petal for this flower. Smaller petals are easier to cover with […]

How to make nylon flower american peony

stocking nylon flowers

How to make nylon stocking net flower American Peony? This is the flower to try if you are a beginner. You will love how easy it is to make! And also how beautiful it looks. You can use it to decorate many simple things. I decorated my office supplies storage tray with these flowers. See […]

How to make basic nylon flower


How to make basic nylon flower? Today I am sharing an easy tutorial to make nylon stocking flowers. You can use this tutorial to make all sorts of handmade nylon flowers.     Make basic nylon flower   Once you understand the basics of these flowers you can make any flower using your imagination. I […]

Nylon flowers material

THINGS YOU NEED: The basic material for every nylon flower is the same. Nylon/ stocking net is available in a variety of colors. Choose  any according to your project. They come in single as well as dual colors. Constructive rings come in set of 8. Gives you a perfect petal every time, also used for making leaves. If […]