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20 Best Ombre Ladies Trends and Ideas

DIY best ombre trends

Ombre ladies trends {Ombre ladies crafts} The most popular trend moving up fast these days is Ombre. I am sharing some cute DIY projects and some very daring fashion trends for ladies. Enjoy!     Ombre Ladies Trends   From Great Ideas to the Simplest, Ombre is Everywhere. Ombre has even given a new meaning to […]

15 Make Peacock feather DIY Projects (Ideas)

When you think of a Peacock. The very first thing that comes to your mind is Bright and second is Beautiful. Peacock Feathers. I have gathered 15 DIY Projects and Ideas to inspire . Create pillows, accessories (like necklace, earrings) and even shoe clips. Go bold and chalk your hair. Or make a beautiful peacock wall […]

Creative Wooden Earrings with chalkboard


Look what I got in mail! OMG, it’s a surprise from Pick Your Plum. I was so amazed to see this in my mail.  As soon as I saw their cute logo on the box, I knew I’m getting a treat today.     I love their daily deals. So I knew the box will […]

DIY Hanging organizer (jewelry and accessory)

DIY Hanging organizer {Jewelry organizer}. I had been wanting to make an organizer for a while now.  Something that can hold my daily used jewelry, accessories and makeup.  So, I came up with a DIY Hanging Organizer. I love how easy this project was to put together.  The two items required to make it, are found […]

Clay Beads Necklace (tutorial)- Guest Post

clay beads necklace

DIY Clay beads necklace tutorial. Jamie our guest blogger today, is sharing a beautiful detailed tutorial with pictures to help you make a clay beads necklace for yourself. Make clay beads in any shape you like using sharp crafting knife. And then complete your jewelry project with the help of needle, thread and a coat […]

Resin Envirotex DIY Craft and Jewelry ideas

Resin Envirotex DIY Craft

Resin envirotex DIY craft projects are gaining popularity again. Find easy and simple ways to use resin to craft small beginner projects at home. I had no idea that Resin (Envirotex), could be used in SO Many great ways. I am going to try my hands at this medium soon. And by soon I mean when […]

Guest Post- Fabric Rosettes and Tulle Cuff Bracelet

Hi! I am Camille from Six Sister’s Stuff (I am the dark haired one on the far right side of the picture- I am also the oldest sister of all these beautiful girls!) and I am so excited to be here on Craftionary!   Today I am going to be sharing a tutorial to make this cute cuff […]

DIY everything turquoise best ideas for home


Today find DIY everything turquoise best ideas for home. Blue has always been my favorite color. But for a while now I am having turquoise fever. I just love everything I see that is in turquoise. Especially at target! I have also been thinking about decorating my home with turquoise being the accent color along […]

Guest Post- Make Vintage- Inspired Fabric Flower ring (Tutorial)

easy fabric flower

Hello! I am Kellianne from Tinkeranniebelle I couldn’t be more excited to be guest posting here Today! As a young girl my amazing mother taught me to sew, and I have been sewing, designing and creating ever since. I love drawing, floral design, painting, designing, scrapbooking, quilting, cake decorating, writing– pretty much anything that allows […]

Make a party rosettes necklace with yarn

make a rosettes necklace with yarn

Make a DIY rosettes necklace with yarn rosettes. Today’s tutorial is about a yarn rosettes necklace which can also turn into a bracelet and a brooch per your likings. With this tutorial you can create a piece of jewelry which can be worn in three different ways. Depending on your dress, occasion and mood you […]