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Handmade Flowers

Handmade nylon flowers- Sunflower

handmade nylon flowers sunflower

Make nylon flowers with this step-by-step tutorial to make sunflower. Nylon flowers are also called stocking net flowers or simply stockings flowers. This tutorial and more nylon flower tutorials will help you try to relatively make almost all types of stocking flowers. Let’s get started:   Nylon flowers        Sunflower has a tall […]

Rosette pillow (Make rosettes throw pillow)

rosettes pillow

{Rosette pillow} Make rosettes throw pillow. Spruce up your living room with pillows. Sew fabric rosette to make a pillow. I love the burlap pillow with red fabric rosettes. Let’s get started with the tutorial to make a throw pillow.   Hi everyone!  My name is Shelley. And I am beyond thrilled to be guest posting on Craftionary today! I […]

Guest Post- Spring satin flower wreath

satin flowers wreath

Hi! Thanks for having me here at Craftionary! My name is Lina from Fancy Frugal Life. I am a SAHM of two wonderful kids ages 2 and 5. I love thrifting, crafting and basically anything girly and glam. I call my lifestyle fancy frugal because I like to make inexpensive things look fabulous! It is […]

Felt flower bling (Felt flower tutorial)

felt flower bling

Felt flower tutorial (Felt flower bling / clip) Ashley shares a tutorial to make felt flower bling. A cute way to celebrate holiday with the color. Just like this green ribbon along with felt flower for the St. Patrick’s day celebration.   Felt flower bling   I am so excited to be guest posting today […]

Stocking net butterflies made easy

stocking net butterflies

Stocking net butterflies. BUTTERFLY is an insect with slender body, knobbed antenna and four broad colorful wings. Butterflies are beautiful and colorful. Everybody loves butterflies, they define the happiness in your garden. Butterflies have always been a part of craft, so why not make stocking net butterflies. I tried to make many different types of […]

How to make nylon flower tulips

DIY nylon flower tulips

How to make nylon flower tulips? In this tutorial I am sharing step-by-step instructions for making DIY nylon tulips. I personally love this flower, and especially enjoy going to the tulips festival in Toronto every spring. It’s beautiful. Fresh tulips look beautiful in flower vases inside home. But they don’t last forever! So I decided […]

How to make nylon flower rose

make nylon flower rose

How to make nylon flower rose? I am sharing a very easy tutorial to make nylon flower rose with step-by-step instructions. The details from making a rose bud to shaping the petals to form a nylon rose are with pictures. I have tried my best to make the tutorial understandable. This nylon flower rose is […]

Nylon flower daisy (flower tutorial with full instructions)


Nylon flower daisy and other stockings flowers have instructions to make nylon flowers. Make stockings flowers or making nylon flowers with nylon flowers tutorial and nylon flowers images makes it easy. Stocking flowers making using stocking flowers material and flowers instructions. These are all the terms that are relevant to making these flowers. And the […]

How to make nylon flower lily


LILY the name is used chiefly for plants of the genus “Lilium” and related species but is applied also to plants of other families, e.g., the water lily and the calla lily whose blossoms closely resemble the true lilies in appearance. Lily is a plant growing from bulb and is native to the temperate northern hemisphere. There are about […]

How to make nylon flower calla lily (DIY Lily)

Make nylon flower calla lily  I love making flowers, specially for beautiful occasions. Calla Lily is widely cultivated in Africa, and is very famous because of it’s white spathe and yellow spadix. Here I went a little abstract by trying a lily in pink color. Calla Lilies bring the feeling of peace and purity due to […]