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Display kids art at home

Best ideas to display kids art at home

Display kids art at home Best Ideas To Display Kids Art. Every child is an artist. Kids love experimenting and creating art. Art can easily develop … [Read More...]


Cereal in a cup – a proposal to cereal industries

Cereal in a cup A few days ago I read an article in the Toronto Star newspaper about consumer behaviour related to food consumption and I found it … [Read More...]

Best laundry tips and tricks

Laundry tips and tricks that will save your life

Laundry tips and tricks  Today I have put up the solutions to the problems of every household on the planet. I have compiled every minor to major … [Read More...]

Painted Easter Eggs

Painted Easter Eggs using best techniques

Painted Easter Eggs  Easter eggs painting and dyeing is an interesting spring activity. Even kids enjoy decorating, painting and learning new … [Read More...]

Uses for pegboards

Creative uses for pegboards that will excite you

Creative uses for pegboards  With great varieties from wooden pegboards to steel pegboards (metal pegboards) and innovative organization accessories … [Read More...]

popsicle stick animals

Popsicle stick animals mess-free fun for kids

Today I am sharing a collection of popsicle stick animals. There are tons of kids crafts that can be made with icicle sticks (or lolly sticks). I hope … [Read More...]

DIY mason jar planters

DIY mason jar planters for garden lovers

DIY Mason Jar Planters  I've previously shared with you ideas on how to display plants indoor? I have collected DIY Mason Jar Planters for garden … [Read More...]