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DIY valentines day candles

DIY Valentines day candles

DIY Valentines day candles Valentines day is all about love and candles are the best essence of it. Today I am sharing great ideas to make DIY … [Read More...]

popsicle stick polar bear

Popsicle stick polar bear

Popsicle stick polar bear is a great craft activity for children at school and home. Make these cute, furry winter animals and teach them about how … [Read More...]

Popsicle sticks penguin craft

Popsicle Sticks Penguin Craft

Make an easy popsicle sticks penguin craft using lolly sticks/ wooden sticks with kids. This craft is created with non-toxic art supplies and is … [Read More...]

DIY heart hairstyles

DIY Heart Hairstyles (easy tutorials)

DIY Heart Hairstyles Today I am sharing easy tutorials for DIY heart hairstyles. These cute and romantic ideas are great for little girls as well as … [Read More...]

Popsicle sticks seal craft

Easy Arctic animal seal craft

Following the series of Arctic and Antarctic animal crafts for kids, I am sharing easy seal craft today. Make a cute popsicle sticks seal craft with … [Read More...]

Best family movies 2015

Best Family Movies 2015 (Kids Favourite)

2015 was a great year of family movies. We had an amazing time going to cinemas with our kids and watch these popular movies I am sharing with you … [Read More...]

Popsicle sticks walrus craft

Popsicle sticks walrus craft for winter

With snow and chilly wind blowing on the arrival of winter, it is time to get crafty with winter associated projects. Make arctic animals with your … [Read More...]