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Painted Easter Eggs

Painted Easter Eggs using best techniques

Painted Easter Eggs  Easter eggs painting and dyeing is an interesting spring activity. Even kids enjoy decorating, painting and learning new … [Read More...]

Uses for pegboards

Creative uses for pegboards that will excite you

Creative uses for pegboards  With great varieties from wooden pegboards to steel pegboards (metal pegboards) and innovative organization accessories … [Read More...]

popsicle stick animals

Popsicle stick animals mess-free fun for kids

Today I am sharing a collection of popsicle stick animals. There are tons of kids crafts that can be made with icicle sticks (or lolly sticks). I hope … [Read More...]

DIY mason jar planters

DIY mason jar planters for garden lovers

DIY Mason Jar Planters  I've previously shared with you ideas on how to display plants indoor? I have collected DIY Mason Jar Planters for garden … [Read More...]

DIY Galaxy Projects

DIY Galaxy Projects – Nebula, Space and Universe

DIY Galaxy Projects DIY Galaxy projects are inspired by constellations, nebula, outer space and universe to bring to you ideas for kids and home … [Read More...]

DIY plant gift ideas

Best DIY Plant Gift Ideas

Best DIY Plant Gift Ideas I am sharing with you the best DIY Plant Gift Ideas to present to your family, friends and teachers. By choosing the right … [Read More...]

DIY balloon ideas

Last minute DIY balloon ideas

DIY Balloon Ideas Easy last minute DIY balloon ideas that will rock your party. Most of these ideas involve cheap craft supplies, easily available at … [Read More...]