DIY Crochet Tray tutorial (Decoupage)


DIY Crochet tray tutorial  Decoupage a crochet tray with mod podge Today I am sharing a very simple and cute DIY tray tutorial  Make an old vintage tray look beautiful and decorative  I had this old tray I refashioned by using mod podge and crochet mat   Make crochet tray       DIY Tray Tutorial [...]

Handmade Finger Knitted Art (Embroidery Hoop)

embroidery hoop art finger knitted

I had been working on a Series of wall decor for Summer recently. And I came up with a Wall Gallery.  The series comprises of easy wall decor tutorials and ideas.   Handmade Finger Knitted Art (DIY Embroidery Hoop).   Today I am sharing with you a simple technique to knit on an embroidery hoop using braids. These [...]

Guest Post- Crochet Winter Star (Free Pattern and Tutorial)


Hello Everyone! First of all: A happy 2012 to you all! May this year bring you lots of happiness and creativity! A big thank you to the wonderful Hani for offering me a spot on her lovely blog today. I am Esther from The Netherlands, also known as Happy in Red. I started my blog [...]