Craft-A-Day (365 Handmade Projects) Review


I am so excited to introduce a brand new Craft Handmade Projects book to you today! Craft-A-Day by Sarah Goldschadt (365 Handmade Projects) Let me begin by saying this book is so much fun and cute!

Giveaway- Pulp Fiction by Mark Montano (Review)


Mark Montano is an Artist, Author and TV Host. He is best known for hosting the three series on Style Network and The Learning Channel. In our crafts world we all know him as the author of several successful books especially The Big Ass Book of Crafts and The Big Ass Book of Home Decor. [...]

Giveaway Nylon Flower Craft books- Newsheer (Review)


{This Giveaway is Closed} . Do you enjoy making flowers? I bet your going to love making stocking nylon flowers as much as I do. Nylon Flowers are making their way back to popularity. I love this craft, it’s so much fun, easy and safe. .