10 Heart Ideas for handmade gifts

Heart ideas for handmade gifts  I am sharing 10 ways you can use hearts in your home

These cute ideas were linked up at last week’s Friday link party

Heart ideas are also great for other beautiful love moments in our life

Like anniversaries and birthdays  And not just Valentine’s Day!

These heart ideas are also a good inspiration for handmade gifts


heart ideas


Here they are:

10 Heart Ideas for Handmade Gifts




hearts art

Cut hearts out of a map  Can be a special place  And make a Hearts specimen art

You can even sign the frame for custom touch

DIY Hearts Art




heart cookies

Cute Chocolate chip cookies  Half dipped in chocolate

Think about writing your initials on the other side?

Heart dipped cookies




hearts garland

Say love in different languages! Make a hearts burlap garland

DIY Burlap Garland




heart ideas

A quick recipe to make Churro crisps  Enjoy eating them with hot fudge sauce

Heart churro crisps




heart cookies

Kneaders sugar cookies recipe  I Love the hearts and sprinkles on the top!

Fill up a mason jar with these cookies  And use printable tags  (You can find some great ones at the end of this post)

Makes special handmade gifts

Heart sugar cookies




heart applique

Refashion an old t-shirt with reverse applique

Use fabric paints or embroidery for more creativity

Heart T-shirt




heart garland

Cut hearts from old sweaters  And stitch the sides t avoid frills

Make a DIY Hearts Garland with those pretty hearts  Love the idea!

Hearts Garland




heart art

The string art is so popular these days  I love the idea behind these projects

Make a heart string wall art  Looks adorable!

Heart string art




hearts wreath

Adorable hearts wreath made with felt and fabric

DIY Heart Wreath




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  1. Hani – thank you so much for featuring my churro crisps! They were definitely LOVED in our house ;)

  2. What a great round-up! Honored to have my burlap love banner including in this mix. Thanks, Hani!

  3. Oh my goodness! Thanks so much for featuring our Sweater Heart Garland! I love the collection you’ve put together! So much FUN!


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